The desert is calling you to come and be a guest of its beautiful views. But wait... Where will you stay? Ohh, we have cozy rooms colored with love. You are welcome to enjoy our exclusive and spoiling desert hosting. For you to choose the accommodation that'll suit you best we decided to photograph and show off our beautiful rooms.
Our traditional Beduin tent, AKA "Mitzi"



A solution for anyone who's looking for accommodation that's close to the ground to connect to the earth and your inner Darwish.
The tent hosts about 15 people and even 20. Beside the tent, you'll find a cozy camping bathroom and everything you'll need for your clean desert experience.

Dormitory - Common room


A room that hosts up to 7 people with a toilet and a shower. This room is perfect for those who believe that "Strangers are friends we've yet to meet". We believe in equality so there's no separation between men and women in these rooms.



These are rooms that come in pairs, each pair share a toilet and shower, has 3 beds and calming interior design. An balanced experience of privacy and communion.

Private room AKA Ravakia (The Bachelory)



A spoiling room with a double bed, for the romantics among us, or 2 single beds. In this room, you'll find a coffee corner, a mini-bar, kitchenette, a cozy sitting area inside and another one outside to enjoy the open desert sky.
Shrilon - Family room


These are wooden cabins that were designed by an artist for a cozy familial experience. In the room, you'll find 4 single beds, toilet and shower, a spoiling coffee corner, a mini-bar, and a private balcony. The cabins overlook into the desert, a perfect desert experience.