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Bedouin Hosting
"The Mitzi"
Welcome to Desert Ashram, an oasis in the Negev of Israel. Here we live, work and meditate. We invite you to stay with us. Swing on a hammock between Palm and Acacia trees, enjoy the breathtaking desert landscape and breathe clean and clear air. As part of your stay you are more than invited to join our daily meditations, meet the community, eat with us hot meals, vegetarian and wellness and relax on the soft grass.
In ancient times, the people of Israel didn't play on the computer, didn't wear sunglasses and didn't eat pizza - they were children of nomads, living in tents made of processed wool from animals they raised, and moved with the seasons from summer to winter. As befits a true oasis, in the ashram you may connect to your inner Bedouin and stay in a genuine wool tent - it says: Meditations at day, 'sheikhs' at night.

Our Bedouin camping tent - "Mitzi" got his name because he was born in Egypt (in Hebrew, Egypt is called "Mizraim"), and the entire tent is made of camel, sheep and goat wool, warm and luxurious for the cold desert winter. The tent size is 10 meters by 5 meters and is designed for a stay of up to 15 people.

A few meters from the tent stands a building with hot showers and toilets. At the door of the tent there's a great lawn decorated with trees, benches and hammocks as befits a true Arabic 'sheikh'.

Mattresses can be rented, please talk with us about it first.
We are located right on the Israel Trail route ('Shvil Israel'), so Shvil Israel hikers have a special deal.

Our prices include accommodation, three meals a day, a hot drink area, two meditations a day, treats and tax.
2014-June-15 עד