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Pashut Festival Desert Ashram
Pashut Festival
Surrender to the Moment
Four days - September 20 - 23, 2017
Desert Ashram is excited to invite you to Israel’s traditional naturist festival. A four day journey in the spectacular Negev desert. We invite you to simply BE. Being naked and beautiful, letting go of layers of fear and shame. Being nude and simple, just as we are. Pashut Festival is calling us to live life totally and joyfully.
Want to be helper in the festival? Registration is through our helpers phone number: 052-5999757

We come into this world simple
In awe of life
There is no separation between us and the other, the world
Free to be ourselves, authentically expressing who and what we are in the moment.
With time, we learn that we have something to be ashamed of, something to hide
That we should not be so exposed, in order to protect ourselves
Not to let people in, not to let life in
So that they do not see what we have grown to deem ugly within us
So that they do not judge or use us
So that we don’t get hurt.
And so we find ourselves in separation.
You know that feeling as though there is an impenetrable wall between ourselves and others, ourselves and life itself?
As though we are not totally, not truly here in the now?
How does it feel?
How does it affect our ability to really experience life?
It keeps us safe from harm, but also “safe” from love.
We may experience less pain, but how much love and joy do we experience?

What if we could surrender into the moment,
Show up fully,
Connect to the wonder of creation and our primordial reverence towards it, each moment anew?

Pashut Festival – Surrender to the Moment
Allows you to reconnect to life fully,
With every cell of your body, with every part of your soul.

Together we will shed the masks and the inner layers of concealment while we shed our clothes.
We will rediscover how beautiful we are in our simplicity,
That we have nothing to be ashamed of or to hide.
Our authentic self, just the way it is right now – is a masterpiece, special and unique. A wonder.

We will set ourselves free from the shame and the guilt that have been bound to our relationship with our body and with ourselves
And allow our true selves to be revealed, each moment anew.
To be reborn in each moment.

Let’s make this dream come true
And celebrate.
Celebrate our lovely body
And the wondrous opportunity to be alive
In these 4 days.
4 days of freedom, love and acceptance.

Festivities and parties alongside healing in-depth workshops; opportunities to cool in mud or water in the midst of an infinite desert landscape; guided content and also spontaneous encounters with simple and beautiful people.

At the base of this paradise is harmony – a space for each individual to manifest their own heaven on Earth, in unity with that of others and the environment. At Pashut festival we honor ourselves, the others and mother Earth.

The desert paradise is opening its gates to whoever seeks to experience this kind of freedom.

You think you won’t dare to be naked?
Are you frightened by the thought of shedding your clothes in a public setting?
First of all, remember – nudity is a right and not an obligation, to each his/her own pace.
If you are interested and curious – and intuitively you want to come – show up with your fear, and watch how the safe space allows you to remove the inner blocks first, and if and when the time is right, also the external ones.

Are you afraid of possible natural reactions of your body?
Come to make peace with it. In a safe and respectful space.
This is an opportunity to remember that we are all human beings, we all go through similar experiences, and we can leave the fear and shame outside and just be.

Can you think of a better way to start the new year?

Here are the Ten Commandments of Pashut Festival- the basic rules that should be followed in order for us to keep the space safe and loving.

Come and experience the variety of workshops, explore the beautiful oasis where the event is taking place, dance, meditate, meet new people, and walk around in the desert.

The ticket to the festival includes the entrance and participation in all its activities, sleeping in a camping area with toilets and hot showers.

A limited amount of private and dormitory rooms are available at an additional cost.

The story of Pashut Festival- how everything started...

- Desert Ashram is a vegetarian place and we ask our guests to respect that. Please do not bring any kinds of non-vegetarian food with you (yes, we are also talking about tuna fish cans…).
- Please help us keep the ashram clean, let’s make mother earth happy and proud. Recycling bins are spread around the place- use them!
- Pets are not allowed in the Ashram- including dogs.
- And finally, for the sake of our safety- lighting fire in the ashram is strongly forbidden! No fire camps, no gas stoves, no candles. Simply- NO!

Past experience shows that the festival works best when the number of male and female guests are equal. In order to achieve this you will have to find a registration partner. There is no commitment to anything this is for registration purposes.

“We should accept nudity. We are born naked and remain naked even behind our clothes. Nudity is simple and natural; there is an aura of innocence about it. There should be no harshness about it. And it is possible only if we accept nudity as natural. Without accepting nudity as natural, you cannot accept clothes as natural.”

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Four days - September 20 - 23, 2017
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