Party. Workshop. Ceremony. Journey
Sacred Journey
Party. Workshop. Ceremony. Journey
Weekend, march 7 - 9, 2019
We are inviting you to experience the magic the 3-day spring Sacred Journey gathering ~ A deep, amazing, breath-taking journey at the wonder-full space of the Desert Ashram.

A tribal, heart opening journey, that will expand your consciousness...

A journey of freedom, friends, healing, joy, love and great happiness.

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For those of you that have'nt been with us yet, here is a short & amazing VIDEO:

This Time ~ We are celebrating the Sacred Journey's 20th Birthday!!
20 gatherings in which we woke up together ~ To the power of mutual intention ~ To how natural it is for us to feel at home ~ To the magic of the open heart ~ To the simplicity of the encounter with the depth of life

This time, as an exception, the Journey is expanding to contain about 1000 brothers & sisters!
In the last 4 years tickets have been sold out before the gates opened, and this time we want to have space for everyone that wants to come!
This is also an opportunity to invite more friends of friends, and relatives of relatives and new partners to come and experience the Journey at its best!

We are excited by the power that we are going to experience together ~
At ‘OROT’ sacred singing circle ~ At the 4 Elements workshop ~ At the Opening ceremony ~ At the breath workshop ~ at the live shows ~ at the parties ~ and on the magical ashram paths…
We have the potential for the deepest and the most powerful Journey we ever experienced.


The Journey is all happening in one space, allowing a united & shared process. we are all going through a united pulse, together.

In order to emphasise the communion, There will be NO parallel contents, ONLY ONE THING HAPPENS AT EACH GIVEN MOMENT!

It is an invitation to a journey that connects us to our roots - to the depth of our soul, to the willingness to be, truly, who I am, and with that understanding - to really meet each other.


The Journey has many faces:
✫ A deep spiritual WORKSHOP
✫ A wild PARTY that never ends
✫ A CEREMONY to celebrate the sacred journey on planet earth
✫ A fun & colorful FESTIVAL, full of magical people

What will be in the Journey? ♥
(((did you catch the video at the top?)))

✫ Deep workshops - opportunities to meet with the various dimensions inside - inspiring healing, freedom, creativity, inner silence and the expansion of consciousness.

Chakra Breathing ❖ Yoga ❖ 4 Elements workshop and more..

✫ Parties in the sacred space and the Village Square
✫ Powerful ceremonies, connecting us to the sanctity of the present moment
✫ more exciting surprises to come!

✫ Vegan Chai Shop & food with friendly prices

✫ A magical KID SPACE – with inspiring activities - kids (until the age 0f 12) enter for free!!

♥ Details ♥
✫ Where?
Desert Ashram – shitim, south of Israel

✫ When?
March 7th-9th – starting Thursday 14:00 and until Saturday afternoon.

✫ The journey is LIMITED to 1000 tickets. It is RECOMMENDED to purchase a ticket before the event (it is usually sold out)

✫✫✫✫✫✫ TICKETS ✫✫✫✫✫✫
For the Celebration there are much more tickets available at the lower prices,
And still we recommend to buy the tickets soon and make sure you are in.
We are sensing that there will be no tickets left at the gates this time as well.

The next  - 320 NIS
The next  - 350 NIS
LAST - 380 NIS


KIDS (up to 12 years old) - FREE OF CHARGE!
Teenage kids 13-16 - half price

✫ Camping Burners are not allowed in the Ashram

♥ What should I bring?
Camping stuff - Tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, flashlights, hammocks ect..
Musical instruments, open hearts and yourselves.

❖ For Tickets, rooms or dorms - The Desert Ashram - +972-52-544-3349

❖ For anything please contact us:
Ashram - +972-52-5443349

One Heart. One tribe ♥
Weekend, march 7 - 9, 2019
2019-March-07 עד