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Party. Workshop. Ceremony. Journey
Sacred Journey
Party. Workshop. Ceremony. Journey
Weekend, March 15 - 17, 2018
A magical, colorful and life changing 3-day festival at the Desert Ashram.


For helpers registration click here,

or call our helper's phone - 052-5999757

We are inviting you to experience the magic.. the deep, amazing, breath-taking journey, that we are about to go through together, at the wonder-full space of the Desert Ashram.
A tribal, heart opening journey, that will expand your consciousness...
A journey of freedom, friends, healing, joy, love and great happiness.

For those of you that have'nt been with us yet, here is a short & amazing VIDEO http://on.fb.me/19XPAup

The Journey is all happening in one space, allowing a united & shared process. we are all in going through a united pulse, together.
In order to emphasise the communion, There will be NO parallel contents, ONLY ONE THING HAPPENS AT EACH GIVEN MOMENT!

It is an invitation to a journey that connects us to our roots - to the depth of our soul,
to the willingness to be, truly, who I am, and with that understanding - to really meet each other.

The Journey has many faces:

✫ A deep spiritual WORKSHOP
✫ A wild PARTY that never ands
✫ A CEREMONY to celebrate the sacred journey on planet earth
✫ A fun & colorful FESTIVAL, full of magical people

What will be in the Journey? ♥

(((did you catch the video at the top?)))

✫ Once-in-a-life-time Sacred Singing Circle with OROT

✫ Deep workshops - opportunities to meet with the various dimensions inside,inspiring healing, freedom, creativity, inner silence and the expanding of consciousness.
Rebirthing ❖ Yoga ❖ and more..

✫Nessi Gomes – LIVE!

✫ Wild tribal parties in the sacred space -

✫ Powerful ceremonies, connecting us to the sanctity of the present moment

✫ And more exciting surprises!

✫ Vegan Chai Shop & food

✫ A magical KID SPACE – with inspiring activities - kids enter for free!!

♥ Details ♥

✫ Where?
Desert Ashram – shitim, south of Israel
✫ When?
March 15th-17th – starting Thursday 14:00 and until Saturday afternoon.

✫ The journey is LIMITED to 500 tickets. It is RECOMMENDED to purchase a ticket before the event (it is usually sold out)

✫✫✫✫✫✫ TICKETS ✫✫✫✫✫✫
EARLY BIRDS (100 tickets) - 250 NIS!!
The next 100 tickets - 280 NIS
The next 150 tickets - 320 NIS
LAST 150 tickets - 350 NIS
KIDS (up to 12 years old) - FREE OF CHARGE!
teenage kids (13-16 years old) - half price
✫✫✫✫ tickets are usually sold out ✫✫✫✫


What should I bring? ♥

Camping stuff - Tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, flashlights, hammocks ect..
Musical instruments, open hearts and yourselves.

❖ For Tickets, rooms or dorms - The Desert Ashram - +972-52-544-3349 

For anything please contact us:

Sufi – +972-52-3823535
Liya – +972-54-4266605
Uria – +972-50-3302112

One Heart. One tribe ♥

Weekend, March 15 - 17, 2018
2018-March-15 עד