Totem festival
Electro-Shamanic festival
Weekend, December 26 - 28, 2019
Year 2019 is drawing to an end, and 2020 is waiting for us beyond the horizon…
After a challenging year full of experiences, achievements and love, our gratitude to life calls us to close a circle- To give our blessings and to sow the seeds of our dreams, hoping to reap
them in the upcoming year.
To dance in celebration, to harvest the amazing energy which has accumulated on the planet during the year, to gather in a circle as one great and awesome tribe, and to unite as our hearts desire the most! TOTEM festival is an exciting journey which combines ancient Shamanic
wisdom with ecstatic music performances.
In many ancient cultures the state of trance was used to study the laws of Nature and as a portal to meditation and the evolution of human consciousness. The Shamans have honored, explored and used many of these techniques – and now we will, too. The trance is coming back to us, children of Western culture, to remind us something…

✦ About the Festival ✦

↠ We will be carried away at the central stage by electrifying electronic sets
and Tribal Trance performances that won’t allow you to stand still.
↠ We will tip over, come back into balance, play, fly and stretch
ourselves to our limit in the finest Acrobalance, Yoga and Circus
↠ We will meditate, learn, share our knowledge and enrich our minds in
lectures and Shamanism, meditation, awareness and Tantra workshops.
↠ We will celebrate our existence as “those who walk upon the Earth”
and thank the Great Spirit for all we have in our lives, in accordance with the
Native American tradition.
↠ We will gather for a heart-opening Cacao ceremony and cleansing
Sweat Lodges.
↠ We will get warm around the tribal fire.

3 days in the Desert Ashram oasis
2 stages
1 Love

Desert Ashram is a home for all Light Beings, Magicians and Modern
Witches who dare to hold direct eye contact, open their hearts and
celebrate Life.
You are welcome to join our family – we are waiting for you in our desert

△▲△ Helpers △▲△
!! Soon !!

△▲△ Tickets △▲△21+
!! Soon !!

.The price levels are valid until the dates marked above or until out of stock **

△▲△ Guest Rooms △▲△
To book private rooms or beds in a dormitory please call 052-5443349.

△▲△ What to Bring? △▲△
- The Ashram is cold in December, especially at night – bring your
warmest winter clothes and a good blanket.
- Camping equipment – tents, sleeping bags, camping mattresses, rugs, a
flashlight, a hammock...
- It is recommended to bring something to lie on/ cover yourself with at
the workshops, such as a blanket or a shawl.
- Musical instruments
- Juggling equipment! We want to play with you…

△▲△ A few more things that might interest you: △▲△

◈ There will be stalls with delicious vegetarian and vegan food, prepared
at the Desert Ashram.
◈ Among them will be a rich smoothie & juice bar
◈ It is important to all of us to keep the Ashram clean, and take care of
Mother Earth.
◈ Please help us and respect Nature, Earth and our home, and leave your
camping area clean.
◈ Do not throw paper or anything else in the desert. Take everything with
you, and leave the space more beautiful than you found it.

Come as you are ♥
Desert Ashram

Weekend, December 26 - 28, 2019
2019-December-26 עד