Awakening of Love
Awakening of Love
Breaking Barriers
8 - 10 February, 2018
How did I get here, distant from my own heart and truth? ​
The pain you feel holds the key to returning home to yourself. It will guide you back to feeling connected, trusting and whole.
Awakening of Love is a workshop retreat about YOU returning to your true self, and reconnecting with yourself to finddirection and clarity.

"The process helped me shake layers upon layers of pain, fears and shields that I created to protect myself…to break down the walls I’ve built and reclaim my own boundaries” Reut

Significant life events leave imprints that color our perception. We graduallyshut down parts in us and feel as if we shrink.

In order to stay on top of things we may become righteous, sarcastic, or act like a victim. It gets lonely inside the fortress we’ve built for ourselves. The fear of loneliness or exclusion can make us compromise and sacrifice, and that feels like self-betrayal.

Whatever has caused us to protect ourselves, our longing to live life fully never subsides. The courage to go into those places of self-judgment and isolation, and once again face ourselves is what allows us to reclaim our strength, voice and clarity.

Awakening of Love is a process that presses your ‘RESET’ button by facing your fears safely instead of controlling them. Giving recognition to your own needs, longing and power sets off an inner transformation.

Unique meditations, the use of our body’s intelligence and powerful personal empowerment techniques will support you in this unusual process.

This process is for people who really want an opening and shift in their life.

1490 NIS, including full board - 3 vegetarian meals a day and accommodation in a dormitory room. Private rooms are also available, ask us about the prices.

Thousands of people around the world have been profoundly touched by the workshop. Here are some testimonials from participants in Israel:

“The space enabled me to share openly and it lifted a weight off my shoulder. It relaxed me to see how similar everyone is in the things we face. There was a power of stillness that enabled me to go deep into myself. “ Vered

"I came in expecting to work through a major shift in my career coupled with a meltdown of a very close friendship. The process led me to something completely different. After a life of overcoming endless barriers, the process let me see that I no longer need to change, improve or adjust anything. Not at all. The process placed a mirror in front of me and showed me how to accept, and with a smile. I saw clearly that the only barrier that is left to overcome is the one that was actually never really there.” Sarah

"I was able to come back and feel my body and sense more integration between my body, feelings, and thoughts. I could be present with my feelings and move with them in a safe way. That allowed me to be courageous to my inner unfolding.” Tal

"I came with many questions concerning myself. The way we worked allowed an understanding that was not available to me before. The process gave me quality time with myself, a deep intimacy with myself and others, and a real and authentic meeting. The guidance throughout the process allowed me to dig deeper.” Shachar

"I had the opportunity to meet my inner self after a long time of disconnection. The movement allowed me to feel my body again, while the way we shared made me feel my truth again. Finally I could feel my own joy again. The silence allowed me to deepen my experience.” Roi

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8 - 10 February, 2018
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