Moti Eliyahu
Moti Eliyahu
Accompanies people in the journey of life to discover inner peace.
Group facilitator and development process since 2004, founder of the Center for Personal Meditation and Development. A teacher in the tradition of non-duality and a master student of Mooji.
Combines psychotherapy and working with the subconscious with Mindfulness.
Accompanies groups and individuals in a journey to discover the connection between body, heart and consciousness and to a conscious and empowering sexuality.

The journey of development began with a shaky spiritual experience and a dramatic change that took place relatively abruptly following my father to his deathbed and his surprising death when he was only 48 years old.
During the days after his passing, a transformation took place in the consciousness and perception of reality. Like awakening from a dream, from deep sleep.
In 2004 he founded the Center of Being for spiritual development and personal growth in Petach-Tikva and began to accompany groups, individuals and couples in depth, transformation and transformation.

Since then he has been trained in dozens of tools for development, psychotherapy and facilitation of groups:
Re-birthing, Mindfulness, Focusing, Family Constellation, Inner Child Healing, Regression of Childhood, Regression to Past Lives, Body of Mind according to Chinese Medicine, Empowerment Circles for Men, Tantra, Sexual Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality and more
Over the years he has worked on developing new approaches to consciousness healing and transformation, the main one being the "return home" approach, which is a powerful tool for healing consciousness and as a key to the recognition of internal peace.
The second leap in consciousness took place in 2011, when the process of awakening consciousness to itself began with a video by a teacher named Mooji in the tradition of the island of seconds (Advaita, non-duality) and the continuation of the journey with the spiritual mentor Carter.

Moti Eliyahu