Hatha Yoga in the Shadow Yoga spirit
Yael Elhanan
What is Hatha Yoga practice? What are our tools in practice? what is the shadow? 
In his book, Sandor Ramte writes that yoga is the distinction between what is the soul and what is not the soul. This process of diagnosis includes a skillful reduction of patterns and templates inherent in us. These patterns and templates actually "interfere" with perceiving reality as it is and creating confusion.

So what are our patterns? And what are the ones that delay the practice?

We will try to answer all of these questions in an Yoga Arava session, and allow space for additional questions that arise from the practice. We take note of our approach to and within the practice and look for the right effort and direction.

The practice is in sequence and flow, which combines sitting (observation), convergence, joint heat, emphasis on natural flow, openness of the body and the connection between physical and mental state.
In the workshop we will try to reach a rhythmic, dynamic and energizing activity by a variety of movements and body positions, some of which came from Shiva's martial arts and dance. The emphasis in the practice is to increase the ability to concentrate and the inner peace, to strengthen the connection to the earth, and to open a channel that connects to the ability to discern and to feel sensitivity to what is right for us in the practice. The encounter in yoga will allow space, both time and consciousness, so that we can deepen together inward, allow the heart and mind to open. The Shadow School is based on the practical teachings of Hatha Yoga practitioners. The introductory series of the shadow are based on unique footwork, and on simple spiral and movement positions and directions originating in the animal world and in the varied human activity expressed in martial arts, dance and various daily crafts. The Shadow Yoga was formed by Shandor Ramata (born 1947), who began practicing yoga at the age of six with his father. He later became one of Iyengar's closest students for about two decades. Later he learned various yoga methods, as well as martial arts, traditional Indian medicine and various styles of ancient Indian dance.

The practice of Shadow Yoga was brought to Israel by the devoted student of Sandor Ramta, Dudi Malka. Who studied for 15 years and practiced shadow yoga in workshops in Europe and India, under the guidance and inspiration of Sandor Ramta. Workshop leading is in Hebrew.

Yael Elhanan - Researcher of the body, breathing and influences on consciousness, looking for directions of movement and possibilities inherent in it. Walking in the Yoga path since 2000, About 7 years ago I met Dudi Malka and Shadow Yoga - the feeling was that everything led to that moment! I also teach yoga for pregnant woman, I am a doula, birth preparation and a mother.

Hatha Yoga in the Shadow Yoga spirit