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Pashut Festival
A journey back to heaven
Weekend 11 - 13 September
Desert Ashram is inviting you to the traditional Israeli nude festival. And this time we are inviting you to join us on a journey back to heaven. Back to the days when we were simple like Adam and Eve. To return to how we used to be- free of fear and shame, to reconnect to the primal self with no inhibitions, just simple. We invite you to this space where you can choose to be naked, because here it is allowed.
This festival is all about the freedom to let go of the masks and roles that we wear in the Western culture, because of all sorts of socials pressures. We hide behind the clothes we wear and the story they tell about us. Now we have the opportunity to take them all off and revisit our boundaries in order to meet each other and ourselves from a simpler and more authentic place. Let's reconnect to ourselves without hiding, without pretending, without shame. Love ourselves without conditions: to love and be loved as we are.

As we go naked, we are free to redefine who we would like to be. We invite you to challenge yourself to remove all of the judgments about our bodies and learn to accept and love our body and ourselves, because with this acceptance and love we have everything we need.

We will meditate to reconnect to our core soul. We will move in workshops connecting to our inner tribal beat. And many more activities, all with the freedom to come as you are naked, dressed or whatever feels right for you.

Past experience shows that the festival works best when the number of male and female is equal. In order to do that you will have to find a registration partner. There is no commitment for anything except for registration purposes.

Desert Ashram
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Weekend 11 - 13 September
2014-September-11 עד

We ask of our guests not to bring camping burners (Lighting a fire is absolutely forbidden), meat (Tuna fish is meat) and animals including dogs to the Desert Ashram