Pashut Festival Desert Ashram
Pashut Festival
Just BE Naked
Four days -September 2019
A four day Celebration & Relaxation in the spectacular Negev desert. We invite you to simply BE. letting go of layers of fear and shame. Being nude and simple, just as we are. Pashut Festival is calling us to live life totally and joyfully.
Pashut Festival.   

Line up from the last Pashut

In-depth workshops, music, dancing, hanging out with friends in an extraordinary and unique oasis
and above all special meetings with people who came to this special gathering just like me
But what…nude?
Why nude?
Because I can.
Because I have the freedom and the opportunity to walk around naked and it's alright
Because the nudity is always there, underneath the clothes

In Pashut festival I have the privilege to experience and observe what comes up inside me when my body is simply naked
To feel the freedom
To explore my boundaries
In a safe, compassionate and allowing space
To shed the layers which are not serving me
To listen to myself and do what benefits me
To accept myself, all that I am
To celebrate myself, us and our humanness.

When I accept myself, when I show compassion to all different sides of me
All my different parts begin to trust me.
When I trust myself, I listen to myself
When I observe and listen to the sensations, emotions and thoughts that rises in me, without judgement, I can understand what is right for me
When I understand what is right for me, I also understand what is not accurate for me
When I am clear about my boundaries within myself – I can feel safe, safe to let go and surrender to the experience

Beyond the values I have created for myself, beyond the ideas I have collected, beyond the conditioning I absorbed, the habits and unconscious behavioral patterns
Beyond judgment and categorizing right and wrong
Beyond what I am "supposed" to be or feel.
Exactly as I am
Everything that comes up, comes just the way it is
There is life, here and now.
So how do I want to live, right now?

Imagine the experience of pure innocence, the simple nudity.
There is no inner voice telling you that something is wrong or ugly or needs to be changed,
No inner voice telling you that you’re a sinner, or flawed, or should be something you’re not.
There are no masks, no concealment.
No evil.
There is a silence
A pure, full presence in the moment

✦ What awaits us during the festival? ✦
✧Parties and Chill Music
✧In-Depth Workshops as a platform for opportunities to connect to inner freedom, creativity and inner-peace, to receive healing, and to expand our consciousness
At the Meditation-Awareness-Consciousness world, in the Intimacy-Sexuality-Relationship world, and in the Movement and Yoga world
✧A containing and allowing Space for women and a space for men loading and relaxation into our inner world
✧A pool & a mud pool in the desert!

The desert paradise is opening its gates to whoever seeks to experience this kind of freedom.

✦A Few Words for Those who Hesitates✦
You think you won’t dare to be naked?
Are you frightened by the thought of shedding your clothes in a public setting?
First of all, remember – nudity is a right and not an obligation, to each his/her own pace.
If you are interested and curious – and intuitively you want to come – show up with your fear, and watch how the safe space allows you to remove the inner blocks first, and if and when the time is right, also the external ones.
Are you afraid of possible natural reactions of your body?
Come to make peace with it. In a safe and respectful space.
This is an opportunity to remember that we are all human beings, we all go through similar experiences, and we can leave the fear and shame outside and just be.
♥ ♥ ♥

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For gender equality purposes, registration is by double booking only (male+female).(no commitment , just for registration)
To book your ticket please call the Ashram's Ticket Phone: +972-52-5443349

Ticket prices:
Pre-sale: 269 NIS- 
Super Early Bird sale: 299 NIS
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Regular price: 349 NIS
** The price levels are until the stock runs out.
* After the purchase, you will receive two emails from the Ashram; Mail confirmation and and email with a pdf file - please print / save the file and bring it with you, this is your ticket.

Our guestrooms are now available for rent! The amount of rooms is limited, early booking is recommended.

To purchase tickets and/or to rent a private guestroom or a bed in a dormitory room, please call the Desert Ashram at +972-52-5443349

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The registration is by on-line form, click the link to sign up ⇝ click here

“We should accept nudity. We are born naked and remain naked even behind our clothes. Nudity is simple and natural; there is an aura of innocence about it. There should be no harshness about it. And it is possible only if we accept nudity as natural. Without accepting nudity as natural, you cannot accept clothes as natural.”
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Four days -September 2019
2019-September-02 עד