TAZ Festival
Temporary Autonomous Zone
Weekend August 31 till September 2, 2017
Welcome to T.A.Z. festival – three days in nature filled with hypnotizing music, vibrant celebrations and sensational discoveries. Dreamers and artists from various fields have blended together and created a voice cocktail of all that’s intriguing and tingling.

ant to be helper in the festival? Registration is through our helpers phone number: 052-5999757

The aim of T.A.Z is to create a small temporary zone of total freedom and autonomy for whoever is inside it – to escape, even for a limited time and place, from today’s society.
T.A.Z is not a revolution, but a becoming, a fluid manifestation which changes reality in the time and space in which it manifests.
Thank you to Hakim Bey for the inspiration.

In a cozy and relaxing space we will express, explore and touch. We will learn new things, dance for three days straight or breathe deeply in workshops, or both 

Here’s what awaits us:
• Live bands and D.J. set shows by both international and local D.J.s
• Fire juggling and circus performances
• Pop-up and Drag shows
• Theater, performance and Hebrew poetry
• Tribal Kabbalat Shabbat (the welcoming of Sabbath ritual)
• Knowledge Exchange area for inspiring lectures and connecting with people
• Contemporary Art Gallery area
• An empowering Shamanic area for holding the frequency
• Interactive Workshops area
• A high-quality Children’s area, with a variety of enriching activities
• A Spa for massaging the body and the mind


So take a break at the end of august. Let’s meet and draw a temporary Utopia, create a small revolution, an uprising. Let’s fly on the wings of ideas, dig holes, heal ourselves and others, and share our dreams. We have concocted a festival jam, rich in content, treats and opportunities for self-expression. See you in the desert!

Tickets are limited, secure your spot in the link above.

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Weekend August 31 till September 2, 2017
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