The WOMP Program
WOrk and Meditation Program

The WOMP program is an essential part of the Desert Ashram community. It is a unique invitation to experience meditation, work, a personal process and communal living at the Ashram.

Imagine living in a beautiful, quiet place, far away from the noise and stress of modern life

Imagine working at a place where work is fun and enjoyable

Imagine sharing your life with vibrant, juicy people

Imagine life presenting you with experiences you never even dreamed of, opportunities outside of what previously seemed possible

Imagine working with people without needing to control them or being controlled by them

Imagine taking part in a deep and meaningful process of self-reflection which will inevitably change the way you perceive yourself and others, the way you work, relate, communicate…

Imagine that you can implement these changes in your daily life, changes you wanted to make for a long time. To gradually soften the barrier between your true self and others. To come out of your shell and be more YOU!

Imagine discovering that not every truth that you have been taught is actually true…



How does it work?

You take time off – at least 10 days – and arrive for an unforgettable experience at the Desert Ashram, a green oasis in the middle of the desert.

During this time period you will work with the Ashram community 6 hours a day (Saturday is also a working day here) in a variety of tasks – cleaning, cutting vegetables, gardening, helping in preparation for festivals, outdoor maintenance work etc.

You will participate in 2 meditations a day, in the morning and in the afternoon (mostly Osho's active meditations, but sometimes also Yoga, Buddhist silent meditations, etc).

You will be sharing a dormitory room with your WOMP friends (the rooms are fully equipped with showers, toilets and AC). The Ashram kitchen will supply 3 tasty vegetarian meals a day. Fruit and hot drinks are available all day at the dining room.

You will have a WOMP guide to help you in your process and answer all your questions.

You will also have: sharing circles, free time and a beautiful desert to explore, and a chance to get to know a very special bunch of people.

The WOMP at the Ashram is an Israeli version of the original work and meditation program created by Osho at his ashram in Pune, India.


So is this really a long vacation at the Ashram?

Not exactly. It's true that you will have free time during your day, and it's also true that your process here is the main focus. However, bear in mind that your schedule will be quite full with work, meditation and socializing. Also, be prepared that the deep self-reflection that your presence at the Ashram will generate can bring up a whole spectrum of emotions, both blissful and challenging. The Ashram lifestyle has its way of helping you look within, speeding up current processes of healing and self-realization, and supplying plenty of encounters and experiences for your growth and learning.

You will also have a rich support network – your WOMP friends and roommates, your WOMP guide, community sharing circles, and the healing magic of the desert.

Come live with us, soak up the desert ambiance, breathe in community and togetherness, meditate, grow in your awareness, and receive tools and experiences that will stay with you on your personal journey of self-discovery.


How much does it cost?

The price of the program is 60 ILS per day. This includes full board meals and dormitory accommodation.

The minimal participation time at the WOMP is 10 days, consecutively. The first 3 are "trial days", during which you can decide the WOMP is not for you – then you will be charged for your stay so far as a regular Ashram guest in a dormitory (255 ILS per night). After that, no refunds will be given.

The maximal participation time is 2 months.


When can I start?

Call or e-mail us and ask! The program is active most days of the year, and when it is, you can begin on any date that works best for you.

It is also possible to fit in a workshop or a festival as a part of your Ashram experience (please note that you will have to stay longer then 10 days in that case). After you finish your first 10 days of WOMP, ask us about a workshop discount for WOMP participants!


What should I bring?

Clothes (both short clothes for sunny days and warm clothes for chilly evenings), shoes (both flip-flops and closed shoes), toiletries, a towel, sunscreen, a shawl for meditations (optional), white clothes for Friday singing circles (optional), a musical instrument if you would like to play with us… and we also recommend bringing a notebook and a pen for journaling.


Wishing you a pleasant stay in the WOMP and in Desert Ashram, and... don't forget to hold on tight ????


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