FLY - first love yourself
FLY - first love yourself
A self love development workshop
four days , 24 - 27 in july, 2019
The F.L.Y is a space of healing on the way to self-love.
Through precisely the same love, with the help of forgiveness, the support of the group, and the connection to this cosmic thing that we sense.
The F.L.Y process takes you to dive into yourself by exploring, working, reflecting, important, personal sharing, healing the traumas we have, and active meditations. The process helps us understand that we are not the failures and mistakes we have accumulated along the way. We are not our dark thoughts. We are not the same voice, constantly commenting on our behavior in life.

Gently and gradually you will begin to feel that something new is beginning to bubble in you
Your true nature, the beauty of you
Your essence, intelligence, human sensitivity, your infinite potential
The love that you as a human wakes you up
We were meant to be free

For more details and registration contact
Leanne: 054-3971860 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the Facilitator: Prem Sambhavo
> M.D and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
> Senior International Moderator at Path Of Love International Development Workshop
> Member of the American Psychological Association and the European Union of Psychologists
> Moderator at Osho International Meditation Center in Pune, India
> Make a change from the world of psychological and academic research to the world of awareness, in favor of integrating treatment theories
From both the West and the East
> Leads people from around the world to self-discovery
> International workshops facilitator: Russia, Japan, China, India, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Israel, Italy, South America
> Workshops in Israel since 2005
> Facilitator and therapist in several languages: English, Italian and Spanish

"This process gives hope, there is a chance that you will have a new perspective on reality, yes it happens within four days, once you experience a taste of new energy, a taste of love, a taste of renewed hope will not get lost. Walk and find out more for you. "/ Prem Sambhavo

"My connection with Israel started in 2005. During my first visit to the" Asram Bamidbar "I felt that I was returning to my roots, and I have a deep and special connection with the Israelis I have met since then, they are like my brothers and sisters, Still, the special relationship that I experience connects all of my love to Israel with a unique charm: Three of my best friends are from Israel, I can share that Israel is for me a little bit of the world, a little from France, a bit from Italy, a bit from Russia, a little from Mexico. All the beauty. "
/ Prem Sambhavo

I have just been in these 3 beautiful F.L.Y. group, so much tears and then so much love. it is was so amazing to be in that space. Im so grateful that it cames in my Life and that now I know how to give my self so much love and respect that I was always looking from others and from my boyfriends. Irina

The big letters:

The upcoming workshop:
The workshop lasts 4 days, starting at 24\7 Wednesday, and ending on 27\7 Saturday
No previous background needed!

You are invited to join the workshop even those who have not experienced active meditations, the main thing is your desire to dive and devote yourself to the process.
Our space is safe and secure for a personal process that requires openness, emotional exposure and trust.
Our space is for heart work.

The workshop is conducted in English with simultaneous translation into Hebrew.

Price of workshop:
Early bird - 2650 NIS
Regular price (from 24\7): NIS 2850
Registration fee: 300 NIS (offset by the price of the workshop)

The price is for dormitory accommodation (a room shared by up to 7 people) for all days of the workshop and includes vegetarian meals, coffee corner and fruits and endless desert.
For more accommodation options please contact Leanne 054-3971860 for a wide reading press here.

For your information, Ashram Bamidbar offers you the opportunity to stay for an additional night (on a Saturday night) to digest and process the experience at a reduced price.

Let's keep the rules of the place:
Do not put gassies, meat, or fish into the ash
Also, because of a large animal corner, no animals of any kind are allowed.
How do I get there? Enter here

Cancellation Policy:
Registration fee: 300 NIS which will not be refunded in case of cancellation
Can not be undone when activity begins.

F.L.Y. is a process to awaken your Love for your Self as well as your intrinsic beauty, intelligence, sensitivity and healing possibilities.
Through simple individual exercises, inquiring, trauma work, meditations, you will come to realize that you are not your dark thoughts, self defeating messages, failings or mistakes, and that your negative self-beliefs are sourced in misunderstandings about your inner nature.

For more details and registration contact
Leanne: 054-3971860 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
four days , 24 - 27 in july, 2019
2019-July-24 עד