Eight days of deep transformation
Integral Sexual Healing Retreat
Eight days of deep transformation
8 Days, 19 - 26 July 2015
A deep and profound training which is aimed to people that want real freedom in every area of their lives
This journey brings you through every aspect of your life and creates a deep change in your consciousness, presence, power, love and manifestation abilities (capacity).
What makes this week so unique is the integration of all the different energies that we are: spiritual, consciousness, emotional, physical, sexual.
During this week we are going to dive into deepening, receiving, containing, and healing all the levels of our wounds in order to open and allow ourselves to connect to our roots, our core, and lives with trust, joy, power, love, truth, knowledge and connection that originates from our deepest source.

Sexual Healing is today a field of interest that is fast growing in the therapy and healing worlds.

The integration of the consciousness with the sexual energy deepens all parts of our lives.
When we start to move our sexual and kundalini energy, deep patterns of lack of love, lack of self-esteem, lack of trust, shame, guilt, judgment, dependency and a victim attitude show up and thanks to this amazing process, the healing increases and we can witness a deep and meaningful change within.

During this 8 day retreat we are going to use both the newest and the most ancient and traditional healing and consciousness tools that exist in the therapy and healing worlds.

The main topics of this week:

Exploring the unconsciousness and work with fears and anxieties: How do we penetrate them securely and walk through them to receive back our power?

Tools and technics for emotional work: Connection to our emotional body, providing it with room and space, using these huge energies to create life force energy that will serve our way of being in life. We will learn how to transform our "Dark Side" to a building and creative power. We will learn how to transform our fear of death to our strength and connection to life

Release from our system the shame, lack of trust, judgment and victim attitude, reconnecting to our creative life force to open up our lives to new and empowered directions.

We will deal with rebalancing our feminine and masculine energies: The understanding and connection to the healthy feminine and masculine qualities inside us allow us to live from our center and expand our capacity to live here and now, being both present and love.

Understanding and healing our relationships with ourselves and others: Learning how to move from interactions based on needs (looking for pleasure, love, self-esteem, worthiness, etc.) from others to being in our own fulfillment, and meeting others from a healthy space of sharing, loving, giving, receiving, reflecting, etc.

Healing and releasing traumas and past memories from our bodies: How to open our emotional and physical armor in our bodies, release the past and reprogram our belief systems.
We will do deep and powerful work with our sexual energy, learning new ways of working with the kundalini energy, releasing reflexes (automatic doing or being) and patterns of the past, learning how to have it serve our lives, and have it flow throughout our bodies (not only in the genital area). We will also learn to use our sexual energy to manifest a good reality for us, to open our hearts, to connect with our intuitions, release our inner strengths, learning different levels of pleasure, joy, and grace we never had before.

Building deep presence using healing and meditation tools: We will work with our thoughts, we will practice how to decrease them and connect to our highest channels of inspiration and guidance.

Reconnection to our authenticity: We will learn how to build boundaries inside and outside ourselves, learning inner and outer, accurate and non-violent communication, identifying what is the inner truth and what we learned in life that does not serve us anymore (pleasing patterns, disconnection, guilt, suppression, comparison, reduction and more..).

Connection and reinforcement of our will power:
Deepen and define our will, connect us to our inner power. Thanks to this, we will stop wasting energy on things that are not real and that do not connect us to our natural source of will.
We will learn to drive our inside energy outside in an enlarged and precise way to the fulfillment and manifestation of our lives.

The retreat will be led in English (with private translation into Hebrew for those who need it).

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8 Days, 19 - 26 July 2015
2015-July-19 עד