Meditation Instructors Course with Shradha
Meditation Instructors Course
The Opportunity to Learn How to Guide Osho Meditations
10 Days, August 13 - 22 2015
Do you enjoy Osho's active meditations? Do you feel that they work for you? Do you want to know more? Would you like to pass them on? Would you like to know how to instruct them to others?
Here is your chance.
For the forth time in the "Desert Ashram" we are opening a group for both practicing and teaching of these meditations. We will learn about the philosophy of meditation in general and particularly about Osho's ones. We will learn how to explain the meditations and practice how to pass them on to an audience. All this is combined over 2 weekends and the week in between them of "Osho Meditation Camp".

The teacher Osho created many techniques of meditation for the benefit of the modern man, the man that is very much in the mind. He understood that the fact that the thinking mind takes the main role as our decision maker, we end up acting in a totally illogical way and it brings the human being to difficult emotional places that hurt both himself and his surroundings.
His idea was to set our life energy, our vital energy, in motion. Only an alive human being can step aside from the automatic life, only a human being that allows the life force to flow freely and strongly would be able to understand the meaning of living life to its fullest, go beyond the boundaries of the mind and discover the three dimensional life.
The technique is simple. Through different variations of movement we release blockages and then arrive to the silence, the oneness.

During the course you will experience Osho's meditations while their philosophy will be explained, and then you will be taught how to pass them on to others in a professional way.

Osho was a controversial teacher both in the East and in the West. His concept of taking the meditation out of the hands of the ascetics and bringing it to the masses raised many voices of objection in India. His idea, to allow people to confront their own madness on the path to liberation raised many objections also in Europe and in the USA, and he was even put in prison during the Reagen administration. In the 1980's he came back to India. Tens of thousands of disciples came to him and made a huge transformation in their lives. Osho managed to combine the wisdom of the east with the western psychology and his active meditations are a classic example for that.

The course is structured in three parts:

Part 1 - Participation in Osho Intensive Weekend Workshop from 13 to 15 in August (Camp Osho's active meditations). Three days of experimentation and practice Osho's active meditations led by Shradha and the Ashram staff.

Part 2 - 5 and a half days of the theoretical course and practical exercises (explanations, lectures, sharing and work and emotional support) of the meditations. There will be explanations of six Osho Meditations: Dynamic, Kundalini, No-mind, Nadbermah, No Dimension, Chakra Breathing, Nataraj (and dancing meditations in general). You will learn the concept, the techniques and how to lead them in the most accurate way. These days there will be four daily meditations, which will be lead by you and Shradha.
The following schedule of the course:
07:00 Dynamic Meditation (your leading)
8:15 Breakfast
10:00 to 11:00 Session on meditation (explanations, study the technique, lectures depending on the course program)
12:00 Noon Meditation (Osho Discourse)
13:00 Lunch
5:00 p.m. to 18:00 Group Meeting - on Osho on meditation, Discourse.
18:15 Eavning Meditation (Active Meditation With your leading)
19:30 Dinner
21:00 Night Meeting

Part 3 - An Osho Intensive Weekend 20 to 22 of August, Where you course graduates will practice leading meditations, you will have the opportunity to practice meditation on the general public, summarize by receiving and giving feedback, with the support of Shradha the course instructor.
At the end of 10 days of the course, you will receive a certificate and most importantly you will know to lead and explain meditations everywhere. Passing the message of self observation. You will be an amazing tube for transfering the message and knowledge. 

Graduates of previous courses instructed various meditations at the Desert Ashram festivals (Zorba, Pashut, Galactic rave) and various workshops. Some even started groups and give these meditations in their workplace, and so on. It is important to deliver the message of Osho meditations, that way you also fulfill yourselves and help others develop.

Cost of the workshop:
(Prices include three full vegetarian meals and coffee\tea corner)
Accommodation in Dormitory (up to 7 people): 2980 NIS in early registration until 31 of July
After then the price will go up to 3110 NIS
It is possible to upgrade rooms (Single, Double and Family) for extra price
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10 Days, August 13 - 22 2015
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