Milan ariel carmeli
Milan (Ariel Carmeli)
Milan is a psychosomatic therapist. In his private practice he works in-depth with individuals and couples on relationship dynamics, on trauma, and provides general  counseling. On a regular basis Milan runs workshops in Israel and Europe on issues around personal growth, relationship dynamics, and also groups dedicated to men's spiritual and personal growth.
Creating spaces of understanding and healing is my passion.

I love working with individuals, couples and groups. I believe strongly in the power of awareness, understanding, trust and respect to redefine relationships within and without.

I find intimate relationships to be at the center of our life’s experience and learning. It is a place where differences meet, ideals clash, hopes turn into disappointment and we essentially get the chance to become more accepting and understanding of ourselves and the other.

‘Group work’ often becomes the pinnacle of my work as people meet as individuals, but acknowledge, understand and heal together collectively. This is a truly meditative and magical experience for all involved. I’m honored to be a channel for healing and helping people forge connections inside their hearts and souls.

The breadth of exposure to different disciplines and the understanding of hidden dynamics shape my work today. I listen to people’s words, feelings, their body language, and to the longing of their souls, and I bring it back for them to see and experience. A more complete picture of who they’ve become and what seeks their attention and healing unfolds.

Below are some of the healing modalities and approaches I studied. They presented themselves to me gradually. As I grew, my interest and understanding naturally took me to new fields of learning and experience, and that keeps happening.


• Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations
• Somatic ExperiencingTM by Peter Levine
• Breath work and bio-energetics based on the work of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen
• Primal work
• Counseling
• David Deida’s work on polarity
• Gestalt
• Meditation
Milan ariel carmeli