Osho Intensive workshop with Shradha in Desert Ashram
OSHO Intensive
To practice, learn and celebrate OSHO's meditations
Weekend 23 - 25 May 2019
Osho Meditation Camp is an event that takes place all over the world, where participants are invited to experience actively the quality of active meditations that Osho has brought to the world. The active meditations are adapted to the modern person, the thinker, and helps bring the experience immediately.
Scientific research proves that meditation is good for your health. It relaxes, eases the thinking mind, and frees the body.
Osho's active meditations are especially suited to the modern person who thinks automatically. They first work on the physical body that blocks all repressed energies. Anger, fears, desires, sexuality, joy, crying, laughter and more, which are not fully reflected in our daily lives from a very young age. Therefore, when the person tries to sit quietly for meditation, the head begins to work immediately and does not let the silence. Active activities are defined, help to release these energy blocks and enable a connection to the quiet.

Meditation is a technique in which one manages to descend below the inner noise levels. Opinions, thoughts, judgments and identification that one has with external factors actually distract attention from looking in. The quiet and present layer is the place from which we reach the center, our true self. Meditation allows it and brings what is called Nirvana, the blessing of being, just being.

Dancing, shaking, jumping and using our voice are some of the ways in which active meditations know how to release and allow the meditator to be released. Osho's contribution to the meditative world is valuable; the active techniques help the participant cross the bridge beyond the limits of the thinking mind to the no-mind.

During this weekend you are invited to experience and learn the active meditations, and we will also go out to the magical space of the desert for meditations in the wild nature that surrounds the ashram. The meditations are designed and adapted to both new and veteran practitioners.
All the processes are explained and guided, there is no need for previous experience only a sincere desire to learn and understand the essence of meditation. This meditation camp is also a wonderful opportunity for the veterans to come and practice, to remember being. The wide variety of techniques allows everyone to find and practice their favorite meditation.

Workshop cost:
Early Bird Price (until May 16th)
Camping accommodation: 870 NIS
Accommodation in a Dormitory Room (up to 7 people): 990 NIS

Regular Price:
Camping accommodation: 970 NIS
Accommodation in a Dormitory Room (up to 7 people): 1090 NIS

Prices include 3 full vegetarian meals, and a coffee / tea corner.
Rooms can be upgraded (single, double and family) at an additional cost

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Weekend 23 - 25 May 2019
2019-May-23 עד