presence and eros
Presence and Eros
Sexual Shamanism Workshop
Weekend April 11 - 13 , 2019
Presence and Eros is a workshop in which we enter into work with our sexual energy, power and physical body. This is a workshop that enables a profound process of transformation, love and recognition of the wisdom of the body for an entire weekend
Powerful and deep weekend:

During our evolution became a separation between spirituality and sexuality. Shame, blame and fear gathered around our body and we got stuck inside the limbo of thought, judgment and society's influences.

This disconnection created energetic blockage, lake of understanding and suffer throughout the generations.

When we ask the right questions there is a possibility to reach the place we seek for.

To allow the parts witch we judge to reach the light of awareness and to discover the connection between love, passion and presence:

· How do I connect with my own life force?

· What is my shadow and witch parts within me are hard for me to accept?

· What is preventing me from living freely and from a powerful source?

· Which of the fears do I need to let go of in order to dance life freely

· How do I connect with my natural movement and release blockage from my body?

A transformative weekend of knowing the body wisdom. The knowledge and experience that is transmitted in this workshop will lead us to self-exception, self-love and connection to our own life force. Acknowledging the "Eros" and its importance in our life. Through powerful experiences we will realize that there is no separation between spirituality and sexuality.

Part of the topics that we will go deep in:

· Blockage and conditioning release

· Knowing and accepting our body

· Connection to the fire element- Transformation, movement and life force

· Listening to our body and connecting with its wisdom

· Breathing technics for empowering and connecting between the body and the mind

· Knowing our inner passion and connection with our creativity

Here we are coming back to our natural place. Releasing everything that is no longer serves us and connecting to our life force. To the most powerful energy that is laying underneath all our fears

The workshop includes nudity

The workshop is suitable for individuals and couples.

This is a unique opportunity to go on a journey that merges knowledge and experience from all around the world in a very special weekend.

I'd love to see you in our open-heart space.

Where and when?

The workshop is going to take place in the magical Desert Ashram, from Thursday 11 April, 2019 – 17:00 until Saturday 13 April, 2019

The Art Of Love Testimonials:

The Art of Love School, Belgium 03.2015

One of the best and the most intense workshop I took part in. First of all it was time for great healing. With your help Shachar, I healed my birth giving experience. The energy that had been stocked in my hips for last two years, causing not only emotional but already physical pain, could move and be transformed. Thanks to it for a few days ago – and just two weeks after the workshop - I could assist in a beautiful home birth without sadness, regret nor pain, just with love and gratitude.

Art of Love was also time for meeting myself, for recognizing feminine and masculine part of me and for initiating a better contact between those two. During this weekend I met wonderful people, got both time and tools to find answers for

questions that were screaming in me for too long and made some important promises to myself that are already improving my life. With Love,


The Art of Love School, Poland 09.2015

This training is one of the most heart, body and mind opening experiences of my life. I feel my life has transformed and I am starting a new life. I let go of old emotions and patterns and I have a new space inside me for love & Joy. The teacher created a space in which I felt safe. I recommend this training to everyone who is looking to tread their path in life.


The Art of Love School, Israel 02.2015

I am writing in behalf of me and my Beloved partner Olga. Olga experienced with me the magic of the last few days.

It was very eye-opening and heart opening, very simple and yet, so powerful and full of excitement, love and acceptance of yourself and those around you.

We left the workshop as new people, no doubt better people than before, more complete and we have better understanding of

ourselves and those who share with us our lives and the different parts inside of us.

We have received from you, Shachar, lots of reassurance, love, attention, warmth and respect. You did it with your beautiful heart and soul. You moved us deeply,

Very important for me to mention!!! We felt all along that you respect all of the participants in the workshop. And you're also a teacher and one of us at the same time. you experience with us the experiences, go with us as we were going through

everything. We felt safe and confident to discover our blind spots.

And on the professional aspect, this workshop was built wisely. There was an understanding when to run forward and when to let go a little, combining the experience of listening and transformation. Everyone were Involved and had an amazing experience. We felt great confidence in the way you lead us.

For us this was only the beginning of a new life and to the extent that it is up to us to we would like to continue this journey and meet more with you. You touched many different areas and we want to study from you and be in your presence.

Thank you so much, we love you,



Early bird price: up to three weeks before the workshop, price: 990 NIS

(*the early bird price is for the first 10 people to register) then the workshop price will be 1200 NIS

Accommodation prices:

Shared dormitory (up to 7 people): 540 NIS

Other room types are available for upgrade (private, twin and family rooms). Contact us for more details.

Come dance with us!

Contact person: Sundari +972(0)53-962-8423
Weekend April 11 - 13 , 2019
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