Breathing into life
Osho Breath Therapy
Weekend 17 - 19 January 2019
A 3 day intense workshop with a focus on our breath and meditation. A powerful encounter with the healing and balancing qualities of the breath.
Breath therapy, following the practices of Osho, is a revolutionary approach in personal development and awareness of the human soul. The main focus in this work is based on actions and re-actions between the breath, the body, the mind, emotions and the spirit.

In the workshop, we use breathing as a tool that takes us back to experience our life in an energetic way. As a result of this method of work, the breathing overtakes the mind and offers a healing process that allows people to connect to their innermost feelings, to re-experience them and bring them into action.

During the breath sessions, we examine what happens when we breathe deeper than we usually do. The mind becomes more passive and the sub-conscious is revealed. We experience the feeling of letting go of emotions and stress that is present in our physical self and uncover the deeper layers of our being.
As a result of this stress release these energies, which were hidden in our sub-conscious, can be released in waves of sensations and emotions. After a deep emotional release, a relaxing feeling occurs in the body which allows the growth of positive and soft emotions of love from a place of clarity and trust.

Breathing clears the body of toxins, releases emotional stress and strengthens the nerve and immune systems. Furthermore, it balances and creates harmony between the body, the mind, the heart and the soul. The breathing heals and integrates between the consciousness and sub-consciousness. After a few sessions, we will feel more connected to our natural energy and can again feel lighter and freer. We will discover feelings of spontaneity, innocence and joy.
Breath therapy, using a trance-energetic breathing technique, combines re-birthing, pulsations, dynamic stress release and soft breathing, regression, primal therapy, guided imagination, counseling and meditation. With body work and contact, the breath work will direct us in an authentic manner to a state of relief and will join together the meditation and the love.

1520 NIS for the workshop including accomodation in a shared dormitory (up to 7 people).
Other room types are available for upgrade (private, twin and family rooms) contact for details.
The cost includes three vegetarian meals per day and a tea/coffee corner.
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Weekend 17 - 19 January 2019
2019-January-17 עד