The Transition - From Death to Birth
The Transition - From Death to Birth
For Men and Women
4 Days, 23-26 January 2019
This workshop is a continuation of the Childhood LIberation work. It is based on the understanding that birth and death are deeply connected and both are affecting our current lives.

We are coming into this life already with an agenda, we are not coming accidentally. We are coming to learn, we are coming to complete themes from the past.

Therefore I am including the previous death into the process. The question I would like to bring to your attention is: Why did I choose these life circumstances?

Our life starts long before birth. There is the way we are conceived by our parents... Was I conceived lovingly? Am I a wanted child? What were my parents expectations about me?

What happened during my pregnancy? Was my mother at ease and relaxed or were there things bothering her? As science has discovered, everything the mother feels is transferred to the baby inside the womb via the nervous system, the muscles, etc. This period is extremely relevant for our life, because we don't have any conscious memory of it, but we have body memories, which we can access via our bodies.

What happened in my birth? Are there any birth trauma? If so, how do they affect my life today?

And what happened in the symbiotic state after birth, the first weeks and months when a baby is completely dependent on the mother. Did my mother understand and fulfil my primal needs? Was she able to be with me or was she hindered in any way?

It is true that we cannot change what happened to us in this early stage of our life. But we can bring love and consciousness to the difficulties we might have experienced and start to understand how these difficulties affect us today. Then we can start correcting unconscious behaviour patterns resulting from early trauma and loving ourselves rather than be critical.

With methods of breathing, trance work and sharing we will create a space and an atmosphere which will give a chance for re-experiencing and re-connecting with our own death and birth experiences and the time between. It will make us see our lives with new eyes.

Please call Sugandho if you have further questions, I am happy to answer your individual questions. This process is very dear to me and I would like you to understand the relevance it has in your life.

This workshop is only for people with experience in Primal Work. It is not a workshop for pregnant women and does not replace Primal Work.

The workshop is led in English with Hebrew translation if necessary.

Workshop cost:

Early bird price (until 2.1.19 or up to 10 first subscribers): 1200 NIS

Regular price (after 2.1.19): 1400 NIS

Accommodation cost:

Camping (with hot showers and toilets): 575 NIS.

Dormitory room (up to 7 people): 795 NIS.

Accommodation can be upgraded at an additional cost (to a single, double or a family room).

The prices include 3 full vegetarian meals and a coffee & tea corner.

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4 Days, 23-26 January 2019
2019-January-23 עד