The Transition - From Death to Birth
The Transition - From Death to Birth
For Men and Women who have done Primal Work before
4 Days, 25-28 April 2018
In this workshop we want to explore the vaster dimension of birth by reaching out to the transition period before birth.
We like to think of birth as a new beginning. We tend to think of death as a painful end Spiritually we cannot separate one from the other. It is our death that opens the door to a new life. It is our birth that leads us to many deaths throughout our life.

Every child at one point asks: Where do babies come from? And children hear the most outrageous answers: the stork brought you; you came from mummy’s bell, parent’s talk about bees…

A newborn has experienced a very deep journey before its birth: death, conception and pregnancy. It is an intensive time for each one of us. All of it belongs to birth and leaves imprints on us for the rest of our lives.

With methods of breathing, trance work and sharing we will create a space and an atmosphere which will give a chance for re-experiencing and re-connecting with our own death and birth experiences and the time between. It will make us see our lives with new eyes.

This workshop is only for people with experience in Primal Work. It is not a workshop for pregnant women and does not replace Primal Work. You can invite friends who have done primal work already with other therapists.

Workshop cost:
Early bird price (Untill May 4th or up to 10 first subscribers): 1050 NIS
Regular price (after May 4th): 1300 NIS

Cost of accommodation:
Camping (with hot showers and toilets): 520 NIS.
Dromatoriy room(up to 7 people): 720 NIS.
* Rooms can be upgraded (single room, double and family).
Prices include 3 full vegetarian meals and and a coffee & tea corner.

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4 Days, 25-28 April 2018
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