Transforming Power
Transforming Power
Discovering Authenticity
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Alchemy of the 3rd Chakra

A workshop for experienced participants

We want to look into ourselves with honesty and self-awareness, and find the hidden motives that manage our lives. We want to reveal our authentic face covered by the mask of social behavior, which has become the socially accepted term for “power strategies.” To reveal personal and collective ideas on the use and misuse of power. To look into our lives through the eyes of our 3rd chakra, our power center. There is every chance we discover surprises.

“I don’t have any power issues.”
“I am a good/spiritual person and don’t want to have anything to do with power.”
“Power is for politicians, not for me.”
“Money is power and I have money.”
“I simply can’t stand power.”

These statements reflect some of the understandings and misunderstandings the term “power” evokes in us. We all have power issues because we live in a power-ridden world and all have to deal with power in one way or another.

~ Parents overpower their children because they want the best for them.
~ Husbands dominate their wives because they are afraid not to look manly.
~ Wives seduce their husbands because women have learned over centuries to withhold their real strength, because it was dangerous to compete with men.
~ Employees are submissive/manipulative/comparative towards each other to get a promotion.

What makes us want or refuse power? Why is power a dirty word for some and a motivation for others? Many of the behaviors, which we have learned to consider as powerful due to social standards, might disguise the opposite. Many people we admire as so-called “powerful people” might simply be fake idols, glittering images without substance that we have learned to believe in.

In the light of our awareness, inner alchemy can start happening. It leads us towards more acceptance of ourselves and into a relaxation of true strength. Transformation is a natural result of this alchemy. We will see that power strategies are not true strength and that they are not needed to live a meaningful life.

The workshop will be led in English, with Hebrew translation if needed. Couples, parents and children or people in work relationships are recommended to do the process together.

Sugandho in a fascinating interview on the radio in which she talks about control in the face of devotion, power and manipulation in the face of power emanating from within, and shares about her personal journey with meeting the world of OSHO. Eran Olnik hosts Sugandho. (English starts at minute 10:10).

Watch Sugandho on TEDx
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A new date for the workshop will be announced later
2021-May-18 עד