Zorba the Buddha Festival Desert Ashram
Zorba the Buddha Festival
Think Less. Feel More!
Passover, 7 - 11 April 2015
Dear loved ones, we invite you to celebrate with us the big Zorba celebration. Five days of fantastic workshops, concerts, parties, and amazing people, all surrounded by the beauty of the desert.

Come dive with us into the depth of the Buddha, into living life to the edge as Zorbas. Give yourself the beautiful gift of learning how to breathe, not just as a daily process, but as a way of living. We invite you to open up your hearts, to really hug one another, to let go and dance until your body is falling apart. To be the dance, not the dancer.
We are so used to believing that materialism stands opposed to spirituality, that the Zorba contradicts the Buddha. Let yourself prove it is wrong and fall in love with life again. When you are not afraid to shout as you never have before, to walk up to that sexy lady you just saw dancing on the dance floor, to dive into the deep dimensions of existence, you become a whole person – Zorba the Buddha.
There are no such other festivals in Israel, period.

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These are the live performances from the last Zorba festival. We will update very soon!!!

Madboojah Project in a new show with the old hits burning the stage and hosting Mark Eliyahu.
Shmemel Band
: A new phenomenon in Israeli music, breaking borders with their incredible energy.
Shir Sofer:
Live music meditation: Tibetan Singing Bowls that will bring you high into the sky, with the divine sound of the Overtone.
Noam Blat: Live Music meditation straight from Australia in a tale of touching melodies and a delightful groove.
Anna RF: will not let you stand straight, a new star in the sky of Israel's music.
Eran Hollander: Live Looper: A one man's show, using only a didgeridoo and his vocal cords.
The Medjool: a local band straight from the desert that will help you dive into soft relaxation.
Ron "Shpatz" Cohen: Live music meditation: Let the beautiful sound of the flute take you deep into yourself.
Bint El Funk: A funky groove electrifying show. These talented musicians are managing to combine Hebrew, Arabic, and English all together in their songs.
2013: Already turned into our home band. With a new show, hosting (guess who... Are you ready???) DJ BLISS < Not for the faint of heart>
Yogev Haruvi: Live Trance- A real virtuoso playing a didgeridoo and percussion instruments, that will take you with him to a trip above the stars on the last night of the festival.
The 4 Elements: The great tradition is continuing and getting even better. A guided Live trance music meditation that will make you go absolutely wild. Just let yourself lose control and miracles will start to happen…
Tedarim Ensemble: 14 musicians on one stage with an exhilarating ethno-acoustic show. Using a variety of instruments, from an Australian Didgeridoo to African drums, they will bring you to a total loss of senses.
Rafael Emanuel Ran: Live music meditation: A sacred journey of meditation, breathing and motion.

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14 Worlds (areas) are here waiting for you at Zorba the Buddha Festival. In each of the worlds you will experience a variety of workshops that will be led by the best teachers from Israel and abroad. Movement, yoga, meditation, therapy, rebirthing and more will be the tools that will help you celebrate with us the right to be free. To fill your life with happiness, music and joyful energy. The Zorba festival is teaching us that life is a journey where you can combine the good of all worlds- celebration and meditation, dancing like crazy and sitting in silence, enjoying the excitement of the festival and the simplicity of the desert.
The worlds are:

Zorba the Buddha world: The main area of the festival in which we will be enjoying concerts, live music, yoga in the morning, workshops and meditation throughout the day.

Death world: A special area f the subject of the festival, on which we will find ways to observe death. Together we will discover that our fear is actually of life. We all want to live in a totality, to give in to the beauty and abundance that reality presents us on each and every moment. So, in order to make it all happen, there is no choice but to meet the deepest fears that motivate us.

Rebirthing world: An area which is unique only to the Zorba Festival. Breathing sessions will be lead by Israel's top facilitators. Rebirthing is a powerful therapeutic process to guide you into your deepest self. Advanced registration will be at the info center. In the evenings, this world will also host the Tantra workshops.

Osho world: The mother and father of the festival is the Indian master- Osho. In this world you will learn and practice active and silent meditation brought to us by Osho, in addition to deep therapy sessions that will connect you to the core of your soul.

World of motion: The best instructors of movement: belly dance, Tribal Fusion, contact, Chi Kung and many more. Facilitating deep and healing emotional release. In this area you are welcome to move your body along with your soul. How beautiful it is to let your body discover its movement!

Theatre world: A lovely area with amazing workshops that will help you open up playfully and joyfully. How true the sentence, "The whole world is a stage"! Psycho Playback to psychodrama and other theater workshops will be held in this unique area. Come play the game of life!
World of Yoga: Various workshops full of diverse methods and systems. Amazing leaders teaching various yogic systems (Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, etc.). Different levels tailored for both beginners and advanced.

World of Yoga: Various workshops full of diverse methods and systems. Amazing leaders teaching various yogic systems (Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, etc.). Different levels tailored for both beginners and advanced.

World of Shamanism: New World inspired by Tomer Payne. This is the place to learn about Native American medicine and various therapies that come from nature, recognizing the cycle of life and the four directions. Come join the Native American singing circles and connect to the four elements: earth, air, water and fire.

Music world: An area that is all music .In this area we will surround ourselves with a verity of sounds, frequencies, singing and melodies. With the hilling power of the music we will connect between the body, mind and soul.

Healthy world: Led by Avital Sabag. Here we will get to learn about our physical bodies- what is good for them and what junk we put inside that causes so much pain and disease. You will be taught not only in theory but also the actual way of cooking healthy and delicious food.

World Circus and Acrobalance: This is a loose and fun space to play with juggling balls and fly through the air with only your partner's legs separating you from the ground.

World of Sangha: Inspired by the "Sangha from awakening to enlightenment." In this area of the festival, the teachers Daya and Haridas will guide you to penetrate deep into meditation, enlightenment, calling you to wake up from the illusion of life. Here you will find the safe space to ask the deepest and most meaningful questions you always had about life.

Children's world: Or more precisely, the colorful Kingdom of the Children. There will be special workshops just for our little ones- from movement and creativity to yoga and Aboriginal ancient storytelling. This area helps occupy the kids, while you, the parents can go to workshops. The complex is next to the chai shop.

World of Therapy: The warm and loving womb of the festival where deep therapeutic workshops will take place. With the help of Israel's greatest therapists you will meet yourself through different mirrors and dive deep into your body and soul.

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What is Desert Ashram?
In midst of the wild desert is the Desert Ashram. A place for meditation, silence, and peace. The ashram is a spiritual center for festivals and spiritual and therapy workshops which take place every weekend. The place is operated by the members of an amazing commune of desert people and Osho meditators. Come and learn about the place, about our live-in program, the Working Meditation Program (WOMP). You are invited to live with us or to come and visit.

Why Zorba the Buddha?
"Zorba the Buddha" represents the whole man, the new age spiritual man. He knows to combine the Zorba, the hedonist and materialist who rejoices in life with the meditating Buddha and awareness.
Zorba festival in desert ashram brings together spiritual celebrating with the joy of life.
Through delightful dancing, deep meditations, special encounters, parties and shows, the wild desert, the electrifying energy, the freedom the place shares, and beautiful people who arrive, make the atmosphere of the festival, making the festival a must.

Now just imagine…
Imagine an open, wild desert view in the middle of a magical green oasis. Imagine a supportive and exciting atmosphere at the same time. Imagine a place where all possibilities are open in front of you. Going to the desert for a deep meditation, devoting yourself to a thrilling dance, giving yourself the ability to enter a touching breathing session, or moving those hips in a superb live performance, Tarot readings, being carried away with live music, or have fun playing the world of theatre. You could also sit in the colorful chai shop over a cup of tea with a homemade cake and have an enchanting conversation. Zorba festival is a whole world of total freedom to be with love and joy, consciousness, and celebration.

How is all of this taking place in the in the Zorba festival?
In the Desert Ashram we are opening a rich and original space for workshops and other activities, performances and parties, meditation gatherings and lectures, ceremonies, satsang and more. All this happening in an open desert landscape setting, seasoned with quality meals, a chai shop with homemade cakes and hot drinks, natural smoothies and fresh pizzas.
Enjoy regional attractions, diverse areas, sitting areas and charming zulas.
For relaxation there are camping areas, shaded lawns, and rooms overlooking the magical expanse of landscape and wild nature. All wrapped around a variety of experiences through which we meet ourselves and those who surround us. The uniqueness of the festival is its intimacy. Plenty proposed activities in a variety of areas occur scattered in and around the Ashram, integrating richness activities with focus on personal space.

The event coordinators belong to the growing ashram family, and the atmosphere is warm and pleasant. It is a community that lives and operates all year 'round. The ashram family is vibrant and diverse, and its members are people united by their desire to live a full life of celebration.
Imagine a wild open desert landscape in the heart green magical oasis. Imagine a place where all options are open to you: you can go to the desert in deep meditation or be swept off in a live trance dance. You can enter the rebirthing workshop, find out how to be someone else in a theater workshop, or shake it in a fine performance. You can just sit in the colorful chai shop with a cup of tea and homemade cake, or get pampered in the treatment complex.

In light of recent festival experience, the amount of tickets is limited, and we may close the sale of tickets. Go ahead and purchase a cheaper ticket and guarantee your place at the festival.


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Passover, 7 - 11 April 2015
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We ask of our guests not to bring camping burners (Lighting a fire is absolutely forbidden), meat (Tuna fish is meat) and animals including dogs to the Desert Ashram