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Zorba the Buddha Festival Desert Ashram
Zorba the Buddha Festival
Sukkot 2016
Sukkot 19 - 22 October 2016
Dear loved ones, we invite you to celebrate with us the big Zorba celebration. 4 days of fantastic workshops, concerts, parties, and amazing people, all surrounded by the beauty of the desert.

Come dive with us into the depth of the Buddha, into living life to the edge as Zorbas. Give yourself the beautiful gift of learning how to breathe, not just as a daily process, but as a way of living. We invite you to open up your hearts, to really hug one another, to let go and dance until your body is falling apart. To be the dance, not the dancer.
We are so used to believing that materialism stands opposed to spirituality, that the Zorba contradicts the Buddha. Let yourself prove it is wrong and fall in love with life again. When you are not afraid to shout as you never have before, to walk up to that sexy lady you just saw dancing on the dance floor, to dive into the deep dimensions of existence, you become a whole person – Zorba the Buddha.
There are no such other festivals in Israel, period.

Desert Ashram
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Sukkot 19 - 22 October 2016
2016-October-19 עד

We ask of our guests not to bring camping burners (Lighting a fire is absolutely forbidden), meat (Tuna fish is meat) and animals including dogs to the Desert Ashram