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  • אוגוסט 2020

    • מטר מטאורים - בוטל

      מטר המטאורים השנתי באשרם במדבר אנחנו מתרגשים להזמין אתכם אל חגיגת מטר...

      קרא עוד: מטר מטאורים...

  • אוקטובר 2020

    • פסטיבל זורבה הבודהה

      זורבה סתיו 2020 פסטיבל זורבה הבודהה מגיע בקרוב!אהובים ואהובות. אנחנו מתחילים מעגל חדש!!!לחץ להמשך...

      קרא עוד: פסטיבל זורבה...

Jivan Nishant
Rebirthing, Meditation, Hugs and Smiles.
Nishant has a degree in Philosophy and has always been interested in gaining a deep understanding of the fundamental nature of reality. He studied with the mystery school of the Arica Institute and learnt Psychocalestenics and Chua K'a, an ancient mongolian system of self massage, as well as closely studying sacred geometry and the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek on the Flower of Life.
He spent a few years as a radio broadcaster, sharing his spiritual experiences with his audience, allowing people to discuss a range of subjects connected to spirituality that were usually thought of as tabboo, such as his particiapation in a number of peruvian shamanic ceremonies. An inner calling told him to leave his home and his job, and three weeks later he found himself in the Ashram in Israel. Since his arrival he has been leading meditations and sharing circles, and studied rebirthing and theta healing.

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Jivan Nishant
תחומי הנחייה תחומי הנחייה