Tantra workshop Nirvan emanuel lev
Love making - Tantra workshop
A life changing experience
Weekend 30th July 30 - 1st August 2020
In this workshop we will experience and learn how to use our sexual energy (life energy) within and outside the practice of love, to open our inner freedom, joy and abundance. We will learn to open and to channel the sexual energy in our body to release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages.
Most of us walk around and live in the world when our sex energy is repressed or serves primarily to our lower chakras, channeled mainly to sex, which expresses itself in pursuit of genital orgasms.

You can choose to channel it differently and then the act of love and your life just becomes something entirely different. The act of love becomes a tool for awareness, joy, healing, pleasure and experience of the whole body: the physical (the body can vibrate for an unlimited times), the emotional body, and heart can be opened (the heart receives life energy that comes from below, from its root, and pushes and transforms what is blocking it).

After their release and transformation there is space for a flow of love within the heart, which is a feeling like no other. Mental body also enjoys the magic, the brain and other media forms receive a lot of energy, and can increase the frequency of thoughts, the intuitive ability-level jumps, the increased ability to meditate make a great change of life experience and recreate the reality of our lives. Of course, spiritual bodies celebrate as well. When all bodies are open we can experience our total being, and the feelings of blissful unity.

This workshop is free of nudity
The workshop is designed for individuals and couples


Prices Not including accomodation- see below accomodations prices
single - 1400 , early birds in 1200, till the 1/7/20.
Couple- 2200 early birds in 2000, till the 1/7/20.

Tent - 420 ₪
Dormitory - 540 ₪
single/couple in a private room - 1450 ₪

Tal izak
Weekend 30th July 30 - 1st August 2020
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