OPEN Ashram: Inwards
OPEN Ashram: Inwards
Come join us in the desert
Weekend July 23rd-25th 2020
Life moves in two directions. In and out.
We all know the outside world - it is filled with many characters, different places, happenings and events.
But am I able to recognize and understand what it is we are experiencing? To see where in my body my feelings reside, the emotions, the thoughts.
Tell there anything else beyond that?
This weekend we will go inside. We will learn and practice how to stay with all that exists within us - pleasant and unpleasant, comfortable and uncomfortable. We will recognize and study various tools that will support us with all that we meet, deepen into unconditional love, sense, feel, celebrate and most of all, live in totality.

True meditation can send us inside,

Here exists everything we are looking for - be it love, a sense of belonging, security, peace,

Or a deep call for Truth.

Our inner world, full of layers and experiences,
Contains the variety of emotions, feelings and thoughts, along with other wonderful things that are slightly difficult to put into words

And it will be a shame to tell you the secret

It's better to find out for yourself.

Most humans repress a significant portion of these experiences, because not everything is comfortable or pleasant

And sometimes just because we were so very young

But when one side of the experience is suppressed, so the other slowly becomes hard to find

These are the laws of nature

And so we become closed and shut the gates of our inner self.

This weekend, you are welcome to come in, inside

Explore, experience and meet a whole world that is all You

All yours

Especially in these days when the outside world has become a storm

The stability and certainty are not so clearly seen around us

There is a great and wonderful opportunity - to go in

And here to find Rest

What will it include?

* Morning and evening meditations

* Sessions including breath work (rebirthing), conversations about awakening, singing, dancing and opening our hearts

* 3 vegetarian/vegan meals to nourish our bodies
* Kabbalat shabbat singing circle
* Time to connect with the desert, yourself and each other

Who is it for?


The workshop is suitable for everyone

No previous experience is necessary

Come - Exactly - As you are

The price of the weekend is the cost of accommodation plus 350 shekel.

You are welcome to join us and together, to journey


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Weekend July 23rd-25th 2020
2020-July-23 עד