OPEN Ashram: Renew
OPEN Ashram: Renew
Come join us in the desert
Weekend July 30th - August 1st 2020
The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life.
In our modern day world, we’re constantly being flooded with a myriad of stimuli; an overload of information, seemingly endless obligations and access to distractions. It’s understandable that within the abundance of noise our minds are feeling cluttered. This clogging of our mental software means the quality of the system might not run as smoothly as we’d like. It might constantly malfunction, operate sluggishly or break down completely. Old parts that we’ve picked up along the way might also have become redundant or outdated and now we need to give the system an upgrade. The first step is then to understand what we are working with - to meet our mind with its natural and learned mechanisms in order to begin the investigation into what we should clear out and what new programming we should include. We’ll also need a special way of cleaning things up - a way of washing the mind and body of backlogs of unhealthy residue that has built up after years of operating in a stressful environment. Then it can be out with the old and in with the new.

*PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will be in English.

Through a powerful practice of meditation, breath work, focus and observation exercises as well as self-talk strategies, you will learn to reclaim the power over your thoughts and be guided down the road towards mastering your mind.

You will come to see and harness the space between you and your thoughts. New tools will be offered to you which promote presence, focus and an ability to observe yourself and others with astuteness. Life, as it unfolds, will become clearer and more manageable by being able to act from the present moment - working with what IS and not with what is imagined or remembered.

Over the course of the weekend you will learn powerful and effortless techniques that balance the body, calm the mind, offset old toxins in the cells, promote the brain’s right and left hemispheres to work in unity and help to improve emotional stability.

You'll also come away with techniques that are proven to drastically reduce the impacts of stress on the body by bringing your body into a state of deep rest which prompts the process of self-repair. This means that deep stress chemicals that have been stored in the fascia over time are offset during each session which, through rejuvenating the body’s cellular constitution, helps to combat lethargy, boost energy, reduce anxiety and depression and improve focus and creativity.

We will support our minds by moving stuck energy through the meridians in our body.

Electricity, like magnetism, is operating in the body at all times. When the electrical pathways are overused, blocked, stressed, suppressed or drained we are then vulnerable to pathogens (virus, bacteria, parasites) and can easily become ill. Illness often arises in the organ in which electrical supply has become blocked through recent or long term periods of time.

One way to regulate our system’s electrical flow is by working points along the acupressure/acupuncture meridians, as well as meditations that allow our body and mind to drop into a deep relaxation that allows ourselves the opportunity to restore, replenish and strengthen. In this quiet place deep beneath the busy-ness of our surface, here we can begin to understand the emotional message that our body is telling us, allowing us to give it a place and then release it. This process restores balance - through touch, through breath, through attention.

Let’s spend a weekend together rewiring what has been deeply set - all your limiting beliefs, all that you have held onto that no longer serves, all that you have been given or had taught to you by someone else - that isn’t your innate truth. To remind ourselves that every day is an opportunity to meet and re-meet yourself, a chance to find yourself, new.

What will it include?
* Morning and evening guided visualisations
* Knowledge sessions include transformational breathing techniques, energy balances (Qi-touch), focus exercises and you will learn a profound mantra meditation technique allowing you to become an independent mediator.
* 3 vegetarian/vegan meals to nourish our bodies
* Kabbalat shabbat singing circle
* Time to connect with the desert, yourself and each other

Who is it for?
*You - the one who thinks they can’t meditate
*You - the one who worries about the future and ruminates about the past
*You - the one who wants to have better relationships, better sex and better sleep
*You - the one who wants to improve performance, focus, creativity
*You - the one who wants to regulate their moods and reactions=

The price of the workshop is only the cost of accommodation plus 350 shekel. We’re so excited for you to be with us, so come to us… let go and renew!
Call us to book your spot!

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Weekend July 30th - August 1st 2020
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