Open Ashram
OPEN Ashram: Temple Bodies
Come join us in the desert
Weekend 16 - 18 July 2020
Relax the mind, soften into your heart space & return home to your divine Self.
Re-awaken your inherent sensual nature as a female bodied being.

SISTERS - Join us for a weekend of women gathering and journeying into our Temple Bodies.

Sensuality IS an experience of being in the body, connected to sensation and the simple joys and pleasures of being YOU.

Sensuality IS NOT about being seen as sexual, by and for anyone else… it is actually about being deeply connected and intimate with oneself.

This weekend we will reclaim what sensuality means, looks and feels like for OURSELVES.

With this intention we will deepen our connection to ourselves and access more of our inner wisdom. Since feminine wisdom is stored in the body, we must give ourselves permission to release our mind to receive more of ourselves & from there show up more open, loving, true, aligned, & whole in the world. When we are connected to our heart & feel safe in our body, we remember that the purity of our authentic essence is such a gift to others!

This weekend will be a gentle but deep initiation into the sacred seat of your soul, a journey home - into YOUR BODY - using different activation tools and embodied practices to enter the sacred space of your inner being and remember the infinite well of love & wisdom that exists within.

As a women’s only journey, together we will create a safe space for self-expression & sisterhood - removing the layers and masks, softening into more of our true authentic essence, allowing ourselves to shine & be fully ourselves.

This transformational workshop will leave you feeling more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and your inner beauty. You may also discover or deepen your abilities to heal & be healed through the power of simple loving awareness & non-judgemental listening.


- Dance and free movement

- Breathwork
- Dynamic meditations

- Guided experiences into our sensations
- Sharing circles

- Cacao ceremony
- 3 vegetarian/vegan meals to nourish our bodies
- Kabbalat shabbat singing circle
- Time to connect with the desert, yourself and each other


*You - the woman who thinks too much & wants to soften the mind

*You - the woman who is craving to move her body & explore freedom through movement

*You - the woman who knows life has more juice to offer & is curious to open up to it

*You - the woman who wants to align her outer expression with her inner truth

Sensitive men will be present through some of our journey together, as they will help guide and participate in a few meditative breathwork experiences. This is a beautiful opportunity to see how gathering together as women is not about exiling men! But actually welcoming them into our space with more awareness for their divinity as well.

We’re so excited for you to come be with us, that the price of the workshop is only the cost of accommodation plus 350 shekel. So come to us… let’s connect in sisterhood and fall in love with our temple bodies.

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* PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will be held in English

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Weekend 16 - 18 July 2020
2020-July-16 עד