Love Tao - Oneness
Love Tao - Oneness 2018-June-23
A weekend of the flagship workshop for meditation and self-awareness!
Four days, June 20 - 23, 2018
An authentic and empowering journey of self-discovery and awakening to a new life. You are invited to join our family and our unique way of life. The workshop includes 4 days (20-23/6/18) in the Desert Ashram, open heart, real freedom, personal guidance, a unique therapy seminar and more.
We all want to be happy and healthy, but often have a hard time coping with the reality of our lives. We have created a comprehensive and supportive space that will allow you to share, listen, learn, experience, cry and laugh ... through an authentic and empowering process of self-discovery and awakening to a new life.
We have combined traditional teachings with Western psychological approaches and created an intimate journey in a variety of colors, sounds, movements, personal activities and group experiences, which prepares us to be the "therapist of myself". By meeting with who we truly are and acquiring tools for healing and fulfillment, we will create a joyful and healthy reality together.

Who is the workshop for:
• Those who wish to walk the way love in their life.
• Those who are interested in an experiential, professional and profound development process.
• Those interested in acquiring tools to create a healthy and joyful reality.
• Those interested in adding therapeutic and training content to their current occupation.
• For those who wish to meet new friends and connect to the joy inside :)

What is the secret of the success of our workshop?
"The Way of Love" is a unique method of healing and self-realization that combines therapy and practice with the wisdom of traditional theories of Western psychology. What else? Very simple, Love, yes. We are here together and guide the workshop with all our heart and soul. Create an intimate, authentic, and empathic space that enables deep work. This is our way of helping you make the most significant and meaningful changes in your life. In our experience, this is a workshop that everyone owes to themselves, to wake up and truly live.
The workshops includes a unifying journey of 4 days’ at the Desert Ashram, where we will learn the seven stages of "Love Tao" and obtain a healthy toolbox for life! Personal and group therapy for healing and fulfillment, the "we are all one" experience of empowerment, true freedom, a heart that opens to a wide, and an awakening to a new life.

The workshop takes place in the ashram in the desert
Starting from Wednesday, June 20, 2003 at 15:00 and until Saturday night, June 23, at 17:00.
For more details, workshop syllabus, prices and registration:

Testimonials of experiences from our workshops…
"I was able to die and be born again, the intensity of the process, which I reached as soft as a snail after 2 minutes in a microwave, helped me to reach new insights, feel free and happy" Nir Eitan
"It was a very significant week for me, and for the first time in my life I experienced real freedom and liberation that seems to be still following me. I also learned that breathing into an emotion is real, that there is something like that. On my way and it works wonders, thanks Aviv, thanks Meital, Esti and Drorit for the privilege of being a part. " Jasmine Deutscher
"Thank you for an amazing week, beautiful and good hearted people, and to you, Aviv. You brought your true and authentic self. Also, a team of 3 amazing women who simply turned everything into a soft and powerful container." Moran Ritter

Call today, and ensure your place in an authentic and empowering journey,
Of self-discovery and awakening to a new life. For more details and registration:
Esti 054-6608020, Ira 054-3050100, Drorit 050-6382638
Sincerely yours, Aviv and the Lovetao team
Four days, June 20 - 23, 2018
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