Nights of Love
Nights of Love
Romance Yourself!
Weekend August 6th-8th 2020
We think that holidays about love can get a bad rap. Some say that these days are an excuse for the chocolate, wine and flower businesses to make some cash (when really we think every day is an excuse to buy vegan chocolate - treat yo’self). But they can be so much more than that - moments to step back and feel into what love means to each of us at any moment. What does it look like, feel like, how do I show up in it? Love is not one thing, it’s not just in the things you buy, the cards you write, the breakfast in bed you make (which by the way, yes, yes and yes please to all!).
Love is an energy that can pull us in a direction we never expected, push us from what we thought we had wanted. It can move us to tears, to warmth, to body tingles, to move countries!
Love is an energy that isn’t reserved for just your partner, It is our essence, all that we are, the place that we can always come back to within us. It’s the fuel that helps us to breathe, our heart to beat. We often think of it as something we have to do, try to grow, learn to keep and maintain.
But love to us, is the energy beneath our actions, the behaviours we do driven from desire, lust, pride, fear or need for validation.

So how do we understand how to love our partner, our children, our parents and siblings? Better yet, how do we understand how to love the taxi driver, the guy selling you your groceries, the lady giving you a parking ticket. How do we understand how to love the food we eat, the water we drink, the roof over our head. How do we understand how to love the guy who made us feel pain, the woman who threw her fear on us, the nature that forces us to stay in doors during a pandemic… wow… there are times when I don’t LIKE any of these things. When they really don’t feel pleasant to me. When my story leaves me feeling a victim against or seperate to all of them. This is all ok. We can feel all of that. And LOVE them at the same time.

How? By understanding how to love ourselves. And even beneath, remembering that we ARE love.

We have an idea... why not celebrate the shit out of LOVE? The practice of remembering who we are! Let’s sink into what loving our partner can look like, loving a stranger can feel like, loving our abundance in the nature around us can be like - by learning how to love ourselves. Love our body, love our breath, love our nature, our individualism and our connection.

So yes - come and be romantic. Come eat yummy food. Come and dance and sing under the moonlight. Not because you think it is your obligation to do so on some ‘cheezy’ day. But as an opportunity to give yourself the gift of yourself, and remembering what it is we all came from and where we can all go back to. Fall in love again and again with how lucky we are to have a never ending well of energy inside us. The thing that keeps us moving. The quest of understanding unconditional love and how we play with it in this human experience. Come romance yourself.

So, yes, we will be cute, and sing around a fire, whilst at the same time practicing our physical and emotional experience of being in relationship with ourselves and one another.

What will it include?
* Morning and evening meditations
* Sessions that will get us closer to understanding ourselves, connecting to each other, yoga, tantra, cacao ceremony, music under the stars and mooooore
* Alcohol and Juice bar
* 3 vegetarian/vegan meals to nourish our bodies
* Pre-order something special: Desert Dessert Box, Breakfast in Bed
* Kabbalat shabbat singing circle
* Time to connect with the desert, yourself and each other

Who is it for?

* Love is not reserved just for the couples. Or the parents. Or those who have a conventional looking family unit. Or a huge group of friends. All of which are still to be celebrated.
* Love is reserved for each and everyone of us… so this is for you, and you, and definitely you.

The price of the workshop is only the cost of accommodation plus 350 shekel. We’re so excited for you to be with us, so come to us… and romance yoself!

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Meet the facilitators!


A producer of the psytrance project "SQUID". At his first meeting with the Ashram at the Zorba Festival, he fell in love with the atmosphere, soul and energy of the place. It was here that he discovered the wonders of where music and meditation met. A year ago he moved to Ashram, to give a space and expression for all that he felt. Here he continues to dive into the merging and melding of two.
The music he creates is heard and felt in your cells, as it has emerged from deep within his guts, expressing every range and frequency that connects you to Mother Earth as you hover in space. Through the 4 Elements meditation, he guides you on a powerful and precise journey that both deepens your relationship with Pachamama, to help you soar further into the ether.

Deva Bela

Bela is member of the Desert Ashram family, where she facilitates meditations, leads women's circles, and can generally be found dancing or singing her way through the desert. Originally from the US, she moved to Israel and then the Ashram, through a calling she felt along her spiritual journey which continues to deepen every day. She is an experienced space holder (and proud Taurus Earth child) who believes in the power of meeting yourself where you are, and using the beautiful resources lovingly provided by Pachamama to heal, grow, open, and love.

Stav Pandit

Meditator, programmer and a resident of the Ashram. Pan came to the Ashram’s WOMP some time in 2011, as a part of a volunteering trip in Israel - and as the custom goes, he ended up staying for a year. He:
Listens to music whenever possible, laughs even when it's not the most appropriate, is vegan because we should, and is quite calm - because there is no such thing as “should”.
Believes that we are all one - but only in the sense that is absolutely irrelevant to the human experience, says "Blessed be the Name" as a literal appreciation of our ability to communicate.
Will possibly be amongst the first to physically integrate with the internet.
No pun intended.


As a student of Zen Master Nissim Amon's 'Key Trilotherapy Method', she has been sharing this method for three years. Living in the Desert Ashram for a year and a half, she leads meditations from the House of Osho and holds space for both the WOMP and Ashram family.


Since a young age, he always wanted to know more about our universe. His exploration started through religion and science, moved towards philosophy and sacred geometry, and through this he was introduced to the world of spirituality and meditation. He moved to Israel in 2011 and after three weeks he found the place he would end up living for the next few years.. the Desert Ashram. It was here that he was exposed to Osho’s active meditations, to the enjoyment of dancing and to rebirthing breathwork therapy. These managed to help rebalance himself more towards his body and heart. After spending years away, his heart has now lead him back to his Ashram home, returning with a deeper connection to himself, with more tools in his toolkit and with new understandings. This is what he loves to share, and even more so to learn from the people that he gets to share this with... as the exploration continues!

Hayley Alexander

Don't let the Australian accent fool you - she now calls the Desert Ashram home. Living here she’s learned enough to know that she knows nothing about herself. But in the here and now she guesses you'd call her an ecstatic dance enthusiast, yoga teacher, music junkie, beach lover and vegan cheese advocate. Her yoga philosophy is that it is much more than what happens on the mat - it is practice of how we move through life. Attaining her yoga teacher certification in the spiritual mecca of Ubud, Bali under her two Indian gurus, she enjoys her Hatha asana practice as a tool for observation and nourishment. But her Aussie upbringing helps her convey this sometimes mystical and subtle experience in a very down to earth, human way.


She has been walking the path of spiritual awareness and meditation for 6 years. She dedicates her life to the study of the human soul and it’s innermost secrets, the inner workings of each person - their own ground, their own skies - and the connections between all human beings.
In every being she sees a soul with a path to follow, within a body that holds innumerable memories, wounds and barriers, and at the same time a huge potential for exploration, playfulness and pleasure. She believes that in every person exists an inner voice that seeks to show the path to maximum growth and expansion. All we have to do is learn to lower the background noise and increase the ability to be present within our bodies.
As a facilitator, her biggest intention is to provide the optimal space so that every person can connect with themselves, with confidence, faith, and courage, and dive into those deep districts of the soul that want to be seen and known.


He found his way into the world of spirituality as just a little kid.
He felt he was always looking at the world differently to the people around him.
When he arrived to the Ashram for the first time in 2015 he no longer felt alone.
His great love is to hold space with sound healing music, leading singing circles and a facilitating gentle and deep meditations.
He believes in simplicity, awareness and meditation as a way of life.


Since arriving at the Ashram in 2019 Tian has mostly worked outside, and yet his primary focus is on inner work. He is a walker of the spiritual path and a great believer of the power of awareness and awakening to the truth. As a meditation facilitator and Reiki practitioner, Tian's love, passion and fire is fueled by a vision of guiding others through their own personal transformations by the shattering of illusions.


Her front door is dance.
She started at the age of 7, and explored traditional and initiation dances rooted in a lived culture, linked to the gestures and celebrations of everyday life.
She trained in dance therapy, because body language and expression are universal. It allows us to externalize our emotions, to raise our frequency, to transcend our condition and rediscover our joy of living, our enthusiasm.
Thanks to a friend that she met in Puna over 20 years ago, who now lives in Jerusalem, she was invited to discover the Desert Ashram. She was looking for a spiritual community to live with... which she has now found in the family that currently lives there.
Indira is a dance therapist, a psychotherapist and has a deep, devoted love for the Sufi practices. She has been leading workshops and Sufi seminars for 10 years, in Paris and overseas. She was certified as a dervish dance guide by Dede Nail Kesova Cheikh of the Mevlevi order in Istanbul.


A year ago, Rona came to the Ashram to deepen her journey - to explore and give space to her heart and soul.
She has traveled to India several times and learned firsthand the essence of meditation and the great value it brings to our lives. Today, she practices meditations regularly and has made the decision to stay in the Ashram in order to share and give the gifts and tools she has.
Producing music and working with healing frequencies is another part of the healing practice in which she is engaged.
The desert for her is a teacher, a friend and a place that allows us to be who we are, without judgment.
The endless primordial landscape of sand and sky serves as a powerful and allowing environment to help us with our healing.

Weekend August 6th-8th 2020
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