Ma Dhyan Tarla
Tarla is offering Chakra Alchemy workshops, laughter workshops, Chakra Energy Readings, Tarot card readings and offers a unique individual 7-session process. She is specializing in Healing Laughter and is honored to facilitate OSHO meditations. She prefers to offer the more unknown and rare meditations that often open new aspects of our being waiting to be unraveled.

Tarla received her trainings through the Laughter Yoga University in India and completed her training as a certified Chakra Energy Reader and an Energy Counselor through OSHO International Foundation Switzerland. She is also a facilitator at the OSHO Institute for Inner Alchemy in Israel.

She has an extensive background in group leadership and spiritual processes, both as a participant and as a leader. She believes wholeheartedly that release work, chakra awareness, meditation and laughter can transform life from pain and difficulty to joy, lightness and love.

Tarla is currently the WOMP Guide (Work as Meditation Program) at the Desert Ashram in Israel. She is responsible for the daily meditation practices and guides individuals of all ages and from all over the world through their own personal 10-day process of meditation, work as meditation and awareness living in our spiritual community.

She offers 3-day weekend processes called "The Alchemy of Love: The Heart Space" relating to the fourth chakra and "Discover Your Inner Joy: Let Your Authentic Light Shine" relating to the third chakra.

Tarla loves living a passionate, open-minded and authentic lifestyle as a sannyasin. She has found that the best approach to her existence is to simply trust every moment and experience, let go of expectations and pressures and to continuously choose the various elements of her life.