Pashut Festival Desert Ashram
Pashut Festival
Pashut Celebrate Yourself
A new date for the festival will be announced later
It's happening again, we will gather as our tradition to celebrate ourselves, the unique gift that lies in each and every one of us, our wonderful body!

Yessss it is happening but TICKETS ARE NOT YET ON SALE

Pashut Festival.

Human beings,
We are a beautiful wonder, with exciting abilities;
Dancing, rejoicing, moving lightly between our emotions,
The amazing ability to imagine and to manifest, to create, to open our hearts-to love!

These abilities that we have, are like gifts,
They're something we're born with - as if they were an all-inclusive deal.
See children, for example - how they run, jump,
they fall and cry and a second later they forget and laugh - they are just natural and free.
Allow themselves to behave just as they are now.

As we grow older, the environment teaches us to make ourself smaller;
To be reduced to conventions - permitted or forbidden, good or bad, right or wrong.
The society teaches us that "it does not the right time right now", that "crying is for babies" and "what do you have to be so happy about?"
That is how layers of shame gradually cover our authentic feelings.

But the truth is that within us, within our body and soul, we are constantly changing.
Moving lightly between feelings and emotions, just like children.
it just that we've learned not to stand out, to wrap ourselves in an elegant wrapping of normality.

In Pashut Festival, we will strip off the same cover.
Through deep workshops, crazy parties and meetings with a variety of beautiful people -
we will allow ourselves to take off our clothes and return to our nature. Accept ourselves, just as we were born.
Let ourselves remove the "I am normal" mask and just celebrate ourselves!

This is an invitation to a safe and open space in which we can flourish in full power, with all our uniqueness
And to open our eyes to the simple truth - we are all so different and special, so what are we trying so hard to hide all the time?

Pasuht Festival

Celebrate Yourself

✦ What awaits us during the festival? ✦
✧Parties and Chill Music
✧In-Depth Workshops as a platform for opportunities to connect to inner freedom, creativity and inner-peace, to receive healing, and to expand our consciousness
At the Meditation-Awareness-Consciousness world, in the Intimacy-Sexuality-Relationship world, and in the Movement and Yoga world
✧A containing and allowing Space for women and a space for men loading and relaxation into our inner world
✧A pool & a mud pool in the desert!

The desert paradise is opening its gates to whoever seeks to experience this kind of freedom.

✦A Few Words for Those who Hesitated✦
You think you won’t dare to be naked?
Are you frightened by the thought of shedding your clothes in a public setting?
First of all, remember – nudity is a right and not an obligation, to each his/her own pace.
If you are interested and curious – and intuitively you want to come – show up with your fear, and watch how the safe space allows you to remove the inner blocks first, and if and when the time is right, also the external ones.
Are you afraid of possible natural reactions of your body?
Come to make peace with it. In a safe and respectful space.
This is an opportunity to remember that we are all human beings, we all go through similar experiences, and we can leave the fear and shame outside and just be.

♥ ♥ ♥

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For gender equality purposes, registration is by double booking only (male+female). (no commitment, just for registration)
To book your ticket please call the Ashram's Ticket Phone:
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Ticket prices:
Pre-sale: 289 NIS-
Super Early Bird sale: 309 NIS
Early Bird sale: 339 NIS
Regular price: 369 NIS
At the gates tickets (in case we won't be sold out): 389 NIS
** The price levels are until the stock runs out.
* After the purchase, you will receive two emails from the Ashram; Mail confirmation and and email with a pdf file - please print / save the file and bring it with you, this is your ticket.

Our guestrooms are not yet available for rent - but will be soon! The amount of rooms is limited, early booking is recommended.

To purchase tickets and/or to rent a private guestroom or a bed in a dormitory room, please call the Desert Ashram at +972-52-5443349
we are available also on whatsapp

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Our vision for the Pashut Festival♥

In the decades that the festival has existed, it has inspired and marked a turning point in the lives of many of the participants. Pashut festival is one of Desert Ashram flag festivals and we are proud and excited to see it grow and develop from time to time. Without a doubt, this is a festival in which the participants' process begins from the very first moment they pass through the gates of the Ashram. The encounter with the nakedness is total, whether it is an old timer naturist who has been attending the festival for years, or a young man who is the first time he meets the world of social nakedness.


Our intention in the festival is undoubtedly to bring healing. Healing happens through an intense encounter with yourself, with the body, and passes through self-acceptance. It's amazing to see how throughout the festival people open, daring to shed layer by layer. To see the embarrassed expressions become relaxed and the wide smile that stretched on them. The workshops and all the content of the event is based on this intention - to convey to the participants a deep and healing process through a meeting with themselves, simple and true as we are. Naked in the festival is not the goal, moreover, is a powerful tool through which we get mirroring our inner world.

We see the Pashut festival growing over the years and this is amazing, as its message is universal - a message of love, freedom and healing. In such a conditioned society with restrictive social patterns that stem from shame and fear, nakedness is a way of breaking the conditioning and opening to the possibility of living in a different reality. I wish that he will continue to run for many years ahead, and will continue to give his special gift, a gift of empowering love in the world.

“We should accept nudity. We are born naked and remain naked even behind our clothes. Nudity is simple and natural; there is an aura of innocence about it. There should be no harshness about it. And it is possible only if we accept nudity as natural. Without accepting nudity as natural, you cannot accept clothes as natural.”
- Osho
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A new date for the festival will be announced later
2022-May-26 עד