tribal gathering in the heart of the desert
Samsara Festival - Canceled
3 days of Free Movement, Dance and Meditation
How pleasurable to allow energy to stream into the body...
You know the feeling? When energy drips out of your fingertips and your heart is filled with new lifeblood?
Movement - gentle, centring, healing - without thought
Discover who you are, both the light and the shadow in one simple posture, one dedicated dance, one simple encounter
The icing of life.
Dear loved ones, It is with a heavy heart that we must share with you the following: due to current regulations regarding cultural events and productions in the country, the Samsara Festival will not be possible.

We were so excited to open an inspiring and booming festival season here in the Desert Ashram, but the state of the country does not currently allow major events except recognised religious events.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.
Hope to see you soon ❤️

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The word "Samsara" in Sanskrit is "continuous movement", so what is a more accurate gathering to shake off the dust we had accumulated and bring the color back to our cheeks.
We will both quieten our thoughts and let our body's truth be heard. Deep within the heart of the desert, let's have an intimate and crazy festival that will reawaken our spirit.
Together we will create a shared energy of empowerment, through yoga, social and dynamic meditations, and of course, celebrate life as we party until the morning sunlight hits the desert!

So after a long time sitting at home, wondering about the future will bring... we are excited to open the season with a festival that will raise you up and lift you to high frequencies!
- 2 diverse and colorful workshop complexes
- 2 stages of music that will shoot you into space
- Beautiful people under water sprinklers
- Vegetarian, vegan and delicious food, a refreshing juice bar, and cold, refreshing chai
All hosted and housed in the Desert Ashram, this small piece of land that we all love and appreciate
2020-June-25 עד