OPEN Ashram: Chakra Journey
OPEN Ashram: Chakra Journey
Come join us in the desert
Weekend 9th - 11th July 2020
So we have all been forced to get a bit more close and personal with ourselves in the last couple months… which has meant we have observed ourselves react to the very many different situations we have faced in ways that we aren’t used to or were unexpected for us. This is because there are so many layers to our human experience...the physical, the mental, the energetic - and these all play together to create our reality. And as EVERYTHING is made of energy, all that is happening around us affects our energetic body, which has a huge impact on how we move through the world - it can colour our entire journey. Some might even call this whole ‘life thing’ one big CHAKRA JOURNEY.
We hear “Chakras” thrown around a lot, but at it’s very basic essence, they are energy centers that sit along our spine, that both affect and are affected by our relationship with the world around us. We have thousands of chakras connected around our bodies, among them seven main centers. Each chakra is different and its own world full of resources, strengths, challenges and desires.

When one chakra is closed we can feel our perception of our present reality is misaligned or exaggerated. But there are ways for us to identify how this blockage feels in the body, what it relates to emotionally, and how we can open or clear them energetically. A lot of what we experience in our life has a ripple effect on our subtle body and can still be sitting with us years later. Gifting ourselves the time to pay attention to what is happening beneath can begin the movement of something that has been stuck for years.

This workshop will give us the time to work with a broad range of emotions through the simple lens of this beautiful energy system - from our sense of security in our root chakra, feeling of connection and acceptance in our heart chakra, the connection to our truth from our throat chakra. We will focus and connect to every chakra and weave through the entire system, from our root to our connection to the universe, creating a free flowing harmonious balance and movement between them. This allows us to truly see ourselves as a whole, not only through the head, but through each of these different worlds that make us up, process and release emotions more easily, make decisions faster; understand ourselves and our needs and how to nourish them.

Let’s spend a weekend together with movement, in stillness, with sound and breath - as we move up the spine, and play with different elements that allow us to align, integrate and centre - through a CHAKRA JOURNEY.

What will it include?

* Morning and evening meditations
* Sessions that include movement of the body, stillness and sound
* 3 vegetarian/vegan meals to nourish our bodies
* Kabbalat shabbat singing circle
* Time to connect with the desert, yourself and each other

Who is it for?

*You - the one who has never heard the word chakra before but is ready to expand their understanding
*You - the one who those who want to know more about their body and emotions and connect to themselves deeper
*You - the one who be in more awareness with themselves
*You - the one who are a chakra guru wants take home tools to come back to this intricate dance of energy

The price of the workshop is only the cost of accommodation plus 200 shekel. We’re so excited for you to be with us, so come to journey through the chakras.

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Weekend 9th - 11th July 2020
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