OPEN Ashram: Eco-Living
OPEN Ashram: Eco-Living
Come join us in the desert
Weekend July 23rd-25th 2020
When we hear debates about the “climate crisis”, or see teenagers organising school strikes around the globe.. we can’t help but ask ourselves - What actually is happening to our world? What is real? And what can little old me do?
When we pull our heads out of the sand for a moment and look from above at the big picture, the problems can feel too big, too scary and systemic for us to solve by ourselves. It's time to stop over-thinking, turn off the news, clear our schedule, pack a bag, and head to the desert. Let’s understand how we can take the first step - stop listening to confusion, fear or apathy - and get started.
Eco-Living is not just about clean water and air, but ALL of nature’s processes, working together harmoniously. Humans, as living beings, are part of nature’s system and cycle, but we put ourselves at the top of the pyramid, forgetting that every action that we take (individually and as a society) has a profound and systemic impact. Wanting to understand the impact of humans led to the birth of “Deep Ecology”, a philosophy that builds a more holistic view of the world, based on the idea that separate parts of the ecosystem, including humans, must function together as a whole collective.

The imbalance that exists in the world has a ripple effect into our lives - our feelings of stress, alienation and diseases that we suffer from are just another expression of the collective disharmony. When we stop seeing ourselves as separate and start to see the world as a complete system, we will also find the balance and harmony within us.

We will devote this weekend to Deep Ecology, and learn how to bring a harmonious change to our lives.

We will approach the land, nature and quiet with the help of the desert around us and connect with each other.

We'll see how simple things we learn, do, say, feel in our daily lives, at home, in the office, with friends - can make the world a better place. Every moment and every action we sow seed. With practical tools from the worlds of meditation and sustainability, we will begin to regain the balance we have lost.

What will it include?

- Morning and evening meditations, movement sessions
- Practical studies on sustainability, food lifecycle, efficient use of our resources,
- Your hands in the earth to experiment with soil, plants, and tools that you can take home with you
- 3 delicious and varied vegan / vegetarian meals
- A singing circle with the Ashram family in the desert
- Free time to approach the desert, to ourselves and to each other

Who is it for?

- You - the one who is interested in a sustainable and ecological lifestyle.
- You - the one who is looking to re-connect to the earth.
- You - the one who is no longer willing to bury your head in the sand.
-You - the one who wants to grow and make change - but is not exactly sure how.
* No prior knowledge required

We invite you to come spend the weekend with us in the desert and combine working with awareness to sustainability, a practical environmental effort that will take us further down the road. Come home, come close to the ground.

The price of the workshop is only the price of the accommodation + 350 shekel.

We’re waiting for you!

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Weekend July 23rd-25th 2020
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