OPEN Ashram: Expression
OPEN Ashram: Expression
Come join us in the desert
Weekend July 9th-11th 2020
They say that 70% of all communication is non-verbal, and yet we spend all day calculating thoughts and crafting words when we talk in a way that we believe best articulates ourselves. We’ve been given a lot of information and education on what is the right way to be, what is the right thing to say, what is the right way to show up… but… right for who? What if we could let go of all that mind chatter, remove the clutter of these constructed pictures that has been built up, and allow what sits beneath to be heard, to come up and out, to be seen, to give way for our truest EXPRESSION.
We live in a world where we often look to external sources for meaning and happiness, yet within each of us lies our truth, our keys to feeling empowered, peaceful and more content. It’s as simple as taking a few moments to ourselves, lowering the volume on our trained comprehension channels, picking up alternative tools and seeing what comes out.

Dance - drawing - writing - voice - frees us from our expectations and judgements of ourselves, so that we can access our inner wisdom as well as an alternative path to healing.

Unstructured expression is a creative and transpersonal approach that can be used to tap into your inner landscape and explore your own personal imagery. You do not need to be creative, a singer or a dancer - you simply need to breathe, let go and flow with what is there for you. This travelling within, through different meditations and sessions, takes you on a journey beyond your conditioned thinking into a deeper state of relaxation, where you can access a higher state of consciousness. Doing this allows you to release what is hidden in your subconscious and bring it to to the surface to heal and strengthen what your consciousness was not even aware was there.

We use expression to release our inherent healing power. We play with expression to facilitate new understandings and insights, as it can give air to those overwhelming emotions from past and present crises, traumas and unresolved issues, that wouldn’t usually feel comfortable revealing themselves. We use expression to release, remind ourselves we are free, and just enjoy.

Let’s spend a weekend together moving our body, our breath and our energy, with the magic combination of sound and motion. Arrive in our most accurate and fullest Expression..
What will it include?

* Morning and evening meditations
* Sessions that include movement of the body, drawing, using voice, music and dance.
* 3 vegetarian/vegan meals to nourish our bodies
* Kabbalat shabbat singing circle
* Time to connect with the desert, yourself and each other

Who is it for?

*You - the one who doesn’t feel they can draw a stick figure
*You - the one who wants to let their inner artist out
*You - the one who will only sing in the shower
*You - the one who wants to wake up the energy inside of them

The price of the workshop is only the cost of accommodation plus 200 shekel. We’re so excited for you to be with us, so come to us… and express yoself!

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Weekend July 9th-11th 2020
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