Ashram workshops
Tips for the workshops participants
Welcome to Desert Ashram
We are glad to welcome you to the Desert Ashram family - our desert guest house apart of hosting workshops, groups, and festivals, is also our home.
For those of you who come for the first time, here are a few things you should know about Desert Ashram and workshop:
The workshop will start on: ______ / ____ / ____ day of __________ Time: ________
It is recommended to arrive early and before the first meeting of the workshop to complete the admission affairs calmly, organize the room and freshen up from the long journey. The workshop will end on Saturday late afternoon

Hosting includes accommodation (on reservation), vegetarian meals, coffee corner and fruit and an endless desert.

Desert Ashram room types:

Camping - lawn shade trees and a restroom building and hot showers.
Dormtori - Structure of two small rooms connected, sharing a toilet and shower (up to 7 people)
Half private - Private Room up to 3 beds that shares the shower and services with another similar room.
Private - Private Room

Neat and tidy linens waiting for you ...

Desert Ashram dorms are mixed genders meaning girls and boys together. Who it bothers (and is not interested working on why it bothers him immediately...) is welcome to let us know and we will make an effort to separate.

What to bring for a pleasant time

Writing tools and notebook, this is always a good opportunity to write for yourself.
Toiletries to stay clean.
Swimsuit - at summer there is a cute pool for hot days. But even without a swimsuit you won't be chased out of the water...
Lightweight clothing and comfortable to work in motion and warm clothes for the evening.
Comfortable shoes for those planning hiking in the wilderness around us.

How to get there easily? (There are not many ways to go wrong...) at out website go to our section "How to get here" and all questions will be solved. Yet you get in trouble? Call and we will help: 052-3824617

Waiting for you with love
Desert Ashram staff
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