9 days Rebirthing training
9 days Rebirthing training
9 Days Rebirthing training with Heike Strombach
9 days, August 9 - 17, 2019
Training with Rebirthing and the Five Elements
Nine days of deepening into your most deepest essence
In-depth training for the inquisitors and therapists who seek to become familiar with the energetic breathing as taught by the founder of the Rebirthing Method, Leonard Orr.
Combining Shamanic, Yogic and Tantric exercises from India that work with the elements fire, air, water and earth and the fifth element – the mind. These exercises allow us to have a better understanding of ourselves, to release emotional burdens that weigh on us, to define worthy goals and to be responsible for the quality of our life. The training will also prepare us to give this gift to others as professional Rebirthers.

If you feel that the time has come for a profound change in your life, that you are tired of blaming others and yourself and that you are ready to take responsibility for your health, happiness and success, I invite you to take a few minutes to read

When we were born, we were pure. If you do not remember how it feels, it's enough to look at a newborn baby and see and feel it. As we grew up and shaped in the image of our family, our environment, the systems and frames we passed through, we were filled with Beliefs and Emotional patterns. Some of them were useful and empowering for us, and some were inhibiting, burdensome and harmful. We were not taught in any school to distinguish and clean up the unnecessary precipitation.

We have forgotten some very basic functioning such as our ability to imagine and navigate our thoughts, how to breathe correctly so we would not to be tense, how to listen to our emotions and our bodies.

Rebirthing (also known as circular breathing) is unique in its simplicity and depth, which allows us by the conscious use of breath alone, to dive into our inner world with guidance and a held space, to meet our feelings and memories that have affected us, Combining spiritual purification exercises with the four elements and cleansing the mind from limiting beliefs, we can come back closer and closer, as we practice, to the pure state in which we were born

Over a period of nine days, we will create a common healing space where each participant will gradually be able to discover the master within, and take more and more responsibility over his own healing and inquiry process while learning to empower and support others' processes.

Working with breathing is a personal work performed in clinical conditions, in a private and protected space. The training will be accompanied by a wide range of qualified therapists and will learn in depth how to guide circular breathing in order to achieve the best results of releasing and relieving tensions, working with feelings that arise and allowing movement for emotion, connection to the supernatural, and encounter of the inner divinity, the forces of creation and fulfillment inherent in essence Of each person.

Breathing is usually done through the nose, in a quiet and internal process, without music or guidance for catharsis. This process enables a deepening beyond the psychological patterns into the emptiness and quiet inside, and from the silence and the connection, the creation of the human beings we were meant to be is made possible. We will learn and experience in training to support the processes of others through listening and loving presence.

We will learn rich content that enhances the feeling that we have the full ability to be independent, free, happy in our unique way, succeed in our fields of practice and provide good care and support for ourselves and others, body and soul.

Among the subjects we will learn and deepen into:

Identifying limiting beliefs and autosuggestion - Redirecting our creative thinking force.

Connecting to the inner child - looking at our childhood and what we have learned from our experiences.

Identifying and opening energetic obstructions in the breath - how to make miracles by breathing.

Emotional health - identification of traumas and the release of the limiting impressions that accompany them.

Physical health - understanding the patterns that cause illness and creating change in our mental and practical habits, choosing to be healthy, energetic and living rather than aging.

Prosperity Consciousness - how to identify and release economic barriers and fear of deprivation and turn what we really like to do, to a source of livelihood full of enthusiasm and abundance.

Each day will be devoted to a different topic, and will include the receiving of a personal breathing session, given by one of the teachers or supporters, and when the participants are ripe, to give a personal session among the participants. A whole day will be devoted to silence, to fasting and to staying by a small campfire in the silence of the desert, a vision quest that connects us through the silence to the vision of who we are meant to become.

At the end of the training, graduates will receive a certificate from RBI, the International School of Rebirthing. This certificate e
nables those who wish to accompany breathing healing processes to start working in the field and to make the content taught in the course a daily lifestyle that ensures inner peace, self-confidence, health, creativity and fulfillment.

The training will be given by Heike Strombach, one of the world's leading teachers, and the closest to the person who discovered the method of rebirth, Leonard Or, who conveys the knowledge and experience of 50 years of research with circular breathing combined with consciousness and connection to the four elements as a tool for self-healing, Life as a therapeutic tool. Heike treats people in various health conditions, supporting birth and rebirth processes for nearly four decades as a senior nurse and chieftain.

And Ori Halevi, a young Israeli teacher who accompanies the processes of empowerment and breathing, produces the trainings of the international school in Israel, a multidisciplinary creator, chef, musician, writer and translator, researcher of consciousness, breathing, development, love and healing.

A discount of early registration will be given to the first five subscribers or until June 6th, at a price of NIS 5,900.

Full Price - 6500 NIS.
The price includes full accommodation in a 3 to 4 person bedroom.
It is possible to upgrade to a private or double room in additional price.

In order to receive additional details or to register, please fill in the following form:

Or contact Ori - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +972542011848

Truth, Simplicity and Love

9 days, August 9 - 17, 2019
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