Acrobalance and flying weekend
Acrobalance and flying weekend
Come fly with us!
Weekend 27 - 29 March
Acrobalance is a discipline derived from the circus world, combining flight, balancing, altitude , tempos,and human pyramids. The learning and playing process is provided in an accepting open atmosphere, as well as a safe and cousious.
The workshop offers a unique and playful experience of direct interaction, release of fears and limitations, and discovering new possibilities of physical and emotional joy.
Acrobalance develops strength and release, on skeletal, muscular, and mental levels , practicing verbal and non verbal communication ,finding inner and outer balance and developing stronger trust in ourselves and others.

The workshop level ranges from fresh beginners (no experience at all) , up to intermediate participants (practicing on a regular basis).

The workshop will Focus this time on inversions (candles, stars, and transitions combining the two...) . Each exercise will be taught in different variations to cater to each level of experience.
We will open every morning in a vinyasa yoga practice, and close every evening with a guided Thai massage, and every night, as our tradition, we will jam, dance, fly, and make new connections.... 
The weekend workshop is an opportunity for new members to join and open up to the Acro world, and the growing Acro community in Israel and worldwide, and to discover the unique vibe, and for continuing members the opportunity to deepen and refine their abilities in a supporting intimate group.

We will celebrate the three days of the workshop in the vast open beauty of the desert in Shitim, in the hospitable ashram. Every day, three homemade vegetarian cooked meals will be served, and tea, coffee and fruit will be available throughout the day.
The ashram provides clean showers and bathrooms, grassy camping area, a big shared Bedouin tent, shared dorms or private rooms.
We expect star filled nights and beautiful weather in this time of year. 

What to bring?
Yoga mat (optional)
Comfortable sets of cloths
Warm pajamas for the night
Notebook and pen
Music instruments
And a open playful mood…) 

General schedule:
16:00-19:00-opening session 
7:00-8:30-morning yoga
8:30-10:00-breakfast and rest
10:00-13:00-morning session 
13:00-16:00-lunch and rest
16:00-19:00-evening session 
20:00-ashram Shabbat ceremony
22:00-jam party
7:00-8:30-morning yoga
8:30-10:00 breakfast and rest
10:00-13:00 -session 
13:00-13:30-snack break
13:30-15:00 closing session and photos
15:00 –lunch and goodbyes...

950 nis including accomodation in a shared dormitory (up to 7 people), three vegetarian meals per day and a tea/coffee corner.
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Weekend 27 - 29 March
2014-March-27 עד