Letting Go - Releasing That Which No Longer Serves You
Bjørn Tore Jakobsen (Norway)
This workshop starts with a guided meditation where we focus on contemplation about gratitude, forgiveness and guidance. Often we tend to store things in the body that may not serve us, so before we start to move, we bring our awareness to the mind. 
Then we we wake up the body with some gentle movements before moving into a slow Vinyasa flow that is designed to rid the body and mind of tensions which accumulate as a result of life´s experiences. please bring your personal yoga math and a cushion for meditation
About Bjorn : Bjorn is a former gymnast and has worked in the fitness industry for many years. He is a lisenced personal trainer from AFPT, and has presented group classes and done workshops around in Norway and abroad. He likes to combine strenght and elements of movement in his yoga classes with a playful approach.
He has been practicing many different styles of yoga, but it wasn`t until he began his journey with Ashtanga that he subsituted his strenght training with a daily practice of yoga.
He is currently teaching full time as a yoga teacher at HiYoga and SATSELIXIA in Oslo, and is also involved in teacher trainings and producing yoga related products for fitness and athletes.
Letting Go - Releasing That Which No Longer Serves You