Discover Your Inner Joy
Discover Your Inner Joy
Let Your Authentic Light Shine
Weekend 30 May -1 June 2019
When we were young children, we were laughing on average between 200-300 times per day.  As adults, we laugh on average only 15-20 times per day.  Where does all that laughter go?  We have literally lost hundreds of laughs each day due to societal conditioning, judgement, pressures, and limiting rules.   Throughout our development, our connection with our easy going, natural and joyful self has been taken over by seriousness, productivity and the controlling ego.  Throughout this 3 day workshop, we will reclaim our laughter, rediscover the playful essence of our being and experience various transformation tools to create a strong foundation for everyday joyful living.
We often talk about our longing for happiness… searching for ways to feel happy, to turn a sad story into a happy one, to put on a smile so others will feel more comfortable. Most likely the majority of us have said at some point or another that the most important thing in life is to be happy. Are you experiencing this so called happiness? How much of your happiness is dependent on others? In what ways do outside variables like money, relationship status and professional positions dictate your happiness levels?

What if I told you that you already have this bubbly, alive energy vibrating inside of you? It’s there; it is simply a question if you allow yourself to experience it, to feel it, to express it. Let’s refer to this quality as an inner joy. Happiness is sometimes a surface emotion and often based on too many external factors. This joy, this inner joy, is located deep within the center of your third chakra (energetic point located in the solar plexus) and is always available to you as a resource. Since most of the time our third chakras are busy with the ego, power games, feelings of not being good enough, and so on, we miss out on this joy altogether.

Are you ready to experience your third chakra in a new way? Are you longing to shed some of these layers and dive deep into the natural aliveness waiting to be discovered?

Through Laughter Yoga, chakra alchemy, emotional release work, meditation, NLP, bio energetics, ancient breathing techniques, guided imagination, writing, and sharing, we will experience the essence and freedom of our third chakra and our authentic joy. These tools give us the permission to laugh unconditionally, to connect with and express our individuality and uniqueness, and to give space for our inner child to come out and play. As these sensations travel through our beings in this uplifting workshop, we can physically feel our energy moving and expanding making more space for freedom. This process promotes balanced strength and increases lightness, acceptance, forgiveness, generosity and compassion in our everyday lives offering us new perspectives and approaches toward ourselves, our reality and all those around us.

-The workshop is led in English with Hebrew translation available with advance notice.

the cost of the workshop including accommodation is 1,300nis. 
The price includes accommodation in a shared dormitory room, 6 delicious vegetarian meals, and a coffee, tea and fruit corner available 24 hours.
Private rooms available for additional cost.

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Testimonials from past participants

“I absolutely loved the workshop. The moment I met Tarla and the other participants I felt an immediate connection to them, one that only grew with every personal story that was told. It felt very liberating to be in such an open and caring group, while having enough personal space to explore my own feelings. Experiencing all this in the surroundings of the desert really allowed me to get closer to myself."
-Laura Schillemans

“Thank you very much and here is a big hug and love for myself and for the friends who were with me in this workshop. My experience was very powerful and liberating for me. It helped to open a door that has been closed for many years hiding my feelings. The workshop helped me to continue in my process of inner balance. I lost weight in the workshop; I ate very little and yet I felt satisfied all the time. I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. I felt there was a safe and loving environment that allowed me to expose myself. Tarla is a master artist of the heart and she guided us in a very precise way. With a lot of love, I recommend this to everyone.”
-Nadav Horowitz
Weekend 30 May -1 June 2019
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