Weekend of Emotional Freedom with Aya Bar-Or
EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique
Learning How to Heal Ourselves
Weekend 20 - 22 March
EFT is a technique based on Chinese medicine, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), and Energy medicine. The combination of the three creates a surprisingly effective system which is easy to learn and execute. The system has been developed in the USA during the 1980's from the understanding that there is a connection between emotion and physical pain.
A lot of us experience during our lives moments that the past drags us down, moments that our pain deprive us of the freedom of choice. Emotions overwhelm our lives and thoughts without our control. Patterns have been created as a result of experience and we would like to break them. We find ourselves in situations that we would have liked to react differently.

With EFT, we will be able to change
 our reactions and feelings towards situations, and free and dissolve with easy technique these hurt places. We will be able to clean trauma, fears, stress, physical pain, and harmful patterns of behavior with a self treatment that takes only a few minutes.

EFT is easy to learn and very effective for rapid physical and emotional change. It is used by doctors and psychologists around the world, one of them being Deepak Chopra.
In the workshop you will be given tools for self performed quick and effective treatment. The treatment is safe and nonintrusive, easily used in every moment of distress.

We will experience the desert silence while cleaning traumas and fears, experiences from the past and present that drive us toward certain behaviors, and we shall enjoy the bliss of emotional freedom. This freedom will be our regular experience from then on.

(Prices include three full vegetarian meals and and coffee\tea)
Durmitor room (up to 7 people in a room): 1200 NIS
Possible to upgrade rooms (Single, Double and Family) for extra charge.
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Weekend 20 - 22 March
2014-March-20 עד