Gal Steiner
Gal Steiner
• Singer-song writer, voice expression and breathing therapist
• A workshop facilitator - "Embrace the Change", "It's Not About Food."
Gal has always been interested in the human psyche and in ways to reach healing and inner peace. This desire led him to study Psychology. In the midst of his studies Gal was exposed to new emotional healing modalities that were more spiritual and more powerful. He participated in a 10 day fasting workshop – a Prana initiation - a deep spiritual, mental, physical and emotional process during which you do not eat for 10 days, for 4 out of which you also do not drink water. Gal discovered the power of creating his own reality, and the breaking down of paradigms and
beliefs that he was used to live by, such as needing food to produce energy.

In order to be precise in his work, Gal left his academic studies and started learning more holistic therapy modalities, such as Healing, channeling, The Course of Miracles and Rebirthing. He also discovered his voice as a healing tool. After studying at BPM Music College he became a part of "Galim Duo" - healing with the help of intuitive singing, so voice expression was added to his arsenal of treatment tools.

Gal currently works as a therapist and accompanies individuals and groups in the process of consciousness development. He leads singing circles and facilitates workshops on the subject of expressing one's inner voice and healing relationships.
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Gal Steiner