Galit Sellena
Galit arel
With over 15 years of experience as a Group Facilitator, a Therapist (M.S.W) and a Supervisor.  Founder of "The Pleasure in your Hands" training of Women's Circles offerings on the subject of Femininity and Sexuality.

Enables inquiry and evolution in healthy Sexuality, Shadow work, Breath work, Consciousness, Healing through Pleasure and connecting to Life Force Energy. Bringing with her knowledge and years long of professional experience, together with studies of Budhism, Shamanism, Taoism and Tantra, spiced up with a passion for life, a spark of naughty curiosity and lots of love.

Galit invites you to Awaken your connection to the Inner Fire within you, that is waiting to Reborn.


My name is Galit Harel.

Some say about me that I am a powerful woman

That brings life to dormant places.

I don’t know if that is true,

But I do know, for sure, that it was not always like that…

Up until 9 years ago I was a very busy woman

With my relationship with my partner, with motherhood and with my career

Until close to my 40th birthday

When I found myself in a huge crisis with unexpected divorce

That broke me and my life to pieces

And brought me to the decision to re-examine EVREYTHING!!!

Even though I was a very active woman

I failed in my ability to take power of the life force existing inside me

And leverage it to empower my loved ones, those that are most dear to me

And to fulfill my true desires in life.

This decision turned out to be one of the wisest decisions

I’ve ever made in my life

It generated and amazing upheaval in my daily existence experience.

This decision led me to a deep awakening

And gave me the power, and the courage, to change and re-create my life

Just like I wanted it to be.

Even though I am studying and facilitating since 1998

I found my true purpose in life

Only after I met what I turned off deep inside me

Those precious and valuable gifts

Raw, pure, primal and uniquely mine

Those were covered for years with “It’s forbidden”, “should”, “have to..”

And the most common sentence of them all “you can’t… because… you…”

In that moment of discovery I could not

And did not want to suppress anymore

All that is burning inside of me

To manifest in this life, here and now.

The next bungee jumping I did was

When I decided to leave a stable, safe, convenient and rewarding job

Of senior executive management that was gaining a lot of reputation

And which I fulfilled with a lot of success and estimation

In order to fulfill my deepest desires.

And that is my mission.

To educate women who are ready to discover their source of power

To meet the special gifts that live deep inside their beings

So that they can realize their purpose in life in this life time!

In my activities I guide women

In private sessions, workshops and lectures

And through the amazing connection to our wild nature.

Through the years I accumulated knowledge

and professional experience in mental health

Combined with wisdom that emanates from me

And with inspiration from teachers and wonderful mentors

from the Buddhism, Shamanism and Tantra

And with work that combines experiences

of the body, emotion and consciousness.

But the most important thing,

Each and every one of us deserves to live life to the fullest.

In you, too, there are wonderful gifts waiting to be discovered.

I am happy you came here. Really happy.

Because I think I can help you.

Come .

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Galit Sellena