Yael Elhanan
Hatha yoga in the Shadow Yoga spirit
Yael Elhanan
Yoga Arava Weekend – Oct.31st –Nov. 2nd
Within the group space that constitutes a driving force and motive in itself, each and every one of us will meet the right boundaries, together we will look for the patterns of movement that hinder us, the patterns of thought that create an obstacle between us and our progress in practice. We will look for the right effort and attitude, move, breathe and sit.
In his book, Shandor Ramta writes that yoga is the distinction between what is the soul and what is not the soul. This process of diagnosis involves skillfully reducing patterns and patterns inherent in us. These patterns and patterns actually "interfere" with one's perception of reality as it creates confusion.

The practice is in a sequence and flow that incorporates sitting (observing), gathering, joint warming, emphasis on the natural flow, body openness and the relationship between physical and mental state, practiced by adjusting breathing and movement, addressing body positions (asanas) and strengthening posture. In the workshop, we will try to reach rhythmic, dynamic and energetic activities by a variety of movements and body positions, some of which came from martial arts and dance by Shiva. Unique and simple footwork. The emphasis in practice is to increase the capacity for inner concentration and silence, to strengthen the connection to the earth, and to open a connection channel for the ability to diagnose and sensitize us about what is right for us in practice. The encounter with prairie yoga will allow space, so we can deepen in to allow the heart and consciousness to develop.

The Shadow School is based on the practical teachings of the reporters who practice Hatha Yoga. The Shadow introductory series is based on unique footwork, and spiral and simple movements and movements originating from the animal world and the varied human activity expressed in martial arts, dance and the various day-to-day crafts. Shadow Yoga was formulated by Shandor Ramta (born in 1947), who began practicing yoga at the age of six with his father. Then, one of Einar's close students had for about two decades. Further along, he studied various yoga practices as well as martial arts, traditional Indian medicine and various styles of ancient Indian dance.

Shadow Yoga was brought to Israel by the dedicated student of Shandor Ramta, David Malka. Who has been studying and practicing shadow yoga for 15 years in workshops in Europe and India, under the guidance and inspiration of Shandor Ramta.

Cost -
Full Workshop + Union Event in Timna Park - Shared Practice,
Dinner and a show: 990 NIS

Accommodation Cost -
Camping (with showers and toilets): 220 NIS
Dormitory room (up to 7 people): 320 NIS
Private room (price per couple or single): 1200 NIS

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Yoga Arava Weekend – Oct.31st –Nov. 2nd
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