Hithavut (Formation)
Hithavut (Formation)
Rebirth Group path
Weekend 25-27 February
3 days of real freedom and experiential therapy process, heals and strengthens! Facilitating Aviv Shitrit, accompanied by the "Love tao" team.
Through cosmic consciousness Workshop into oneness, we expose the web of personal potential, and get a clear intention to mission, opening trim and true love.

Sometimes a spiritual awakening journey to the top of the mountain, feels like leaving behind the earthly material, and slowly exposing to the wind blowing uphill, in the belief that the summit we rise above all problems. One of the problems of this metaphor is that we are abandoning our problems, as well as pose a real opportunity for healing and fulfillment from behind. However, there is another way... the way of creation - The love tao.

Trough "Hithavut " Workshop, that combines various therapy processes, techniques aimed at removing the veil of illusion and movement of joy... We'll direct our journey to the foot of the mountain, to a direct encounter with reality. Instead transcend fear, we'll authenticity meet everything that want to be noticed, without running away from it or suppress it. Letting all the emotion that comes to penetrate the center of the heart, we'll create new skills to surrender our true self, and agree to truly live.

*********** This is Hithavut ************

The techniques we'll use:
Quantum Healing trough the "Diamond Cutter" method
Art therapy - a combination of colors and sounds
Vision Quest - 50 Shades of Love…
Spiritual Leadership - Self-mentoring
Awakening Movement and free dance to celebrate life
Desert Tantra – a union constellation of the consciousness
Angels Walk - be the source of love
And of course ... Osho Active Meditations
Sharing circles, dynamic circles and more ...

The workshop is intended for those willing to go out of hiding and see themselves clearly. Meet tour bodies and minds and discover sanctity and divinity in all. If you seek living through love both yourself and the world, you are very welcome.

When? Thursday 02/25/16 at 16:00, until Saturday 02/27/16 at 17:00

The cost of the workshop is divided into two: Accommodation + Workshop, as follows:

The cost of hosting is 490 ₪ including accommodation in air conditioned shared dormitory and six vegetarian meals, from Thursday evening until Saturday afternoon. You can stay in private or semi-private with extra charge, or camping out, for those who want to lower the price - Call for rates. The payment for the accommodation will be at the desert ashram, so please arrive at least one hour before the workshop to settle calmly.

The cost of the workshop is 1180 ₪

Early registration price for the first 10 subscribers - ₪ 980.

Price for the "Love Tao" Workshop graduates (if available) - ₪ 780.

Registration: https://www.tixwise.co.il/he/hithavut

For more information:
Weekend 25-27 February
2016-February-25 עד