Loving Your Self Part II
Loving Your Self
The Art of Mastering Your Negative Mind
4 days 1 - 4 June 2016
This process is a powerful journey to understand the ways we reject ourselves. Self-Negative judgments limit you from experiencing your heart and your precious innocent. With a clear understanding of these inner mechanisms, the old habits of self-rejection and doubt begin to fade away.

This allows you to open to your own unlimited potential, unique beauty and essential value. It also opens the way for positive and loving relationships with others.

Self-love is the first step to transform your life.

Self-inquiring, sharing, active meditation and healing technics will allow you
to leave the old and open to the new experience of your self.

More then 1000s of people, in Desert Ashram, have already been through this powerful transforming journey. The Process is unique work of exploration, healing and love.

Quote from Osho
The person who does not love himself will not be able to love anybody else, ever. The first ripple of love has to rise in your heart. If it has not risen for yourself it cannot rise for anybody else, because everybody else is farther away from you.
It is like throwing a stone in the silent lake -- the first ripples will arise around the stone and then they will go on spreading to the further shores. The first ripple of love has to be around your-self. One has to love one's body, one has to love one's soul, one has to love one's totality.
The person who loves himself becomes graceful, elegant. The person who loves himself is bound to become more silent, more meditative more prayerful than the person who does not love himself.


Early bird until the 11.5.16:
Dormitory: 1945 Nis (7 beds room with A/C, hot shower and toilet).
Camping: 1745 Nis.
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Dormitory: 2225 Nis (7 beds room with A/C, hot shower and toilet).
Camping: 2025 Nis.

The prices including 3 delicious vegetarian meals and a tea/coffee corner.


Hi love!!!!!
I had the greatest time last weekend!!! I just love to do groups and be in awareness energy... and around YOUR ENERGY!!!!! you make me so enthusiastic, I´ve been doing dynamic since you left, my whole organism just wants to dance and celebrate everyday!!! Thank u for being so supportive.

Dear Sambhavo
I have to say that the Loving your Self weekend has made a great difference and my life has taken a very positive turn. I feel happy and see the people around me happier too!

Dear Sambavo,
This week has been such an intense process for me... few nights I still woke up suddenly with some information coming to me from somewhere in the universe..
I don't forget these words that you told me " that the world is waiting for you" I think those words added with this intense inner work I have done are not only healing but also helping me to take my place, affirm my self and of course I feel much more secure and sensual, just like that.

Dear Sambhavo,
The course was a good healing for me, very insightful and a great way to practice
important skills I will use in life and work, and to meet great new people. Thank you again for your dedicated leadership and your great big huge heart.

Dear Sambhavo,
I am now about three weeks in Berlin and here the life is very nervous and fast, but in my heart I feel a lot of the spirit of our group and especially the words you had said to me, that I am not a beggar, but a king. My life energy since that time changed is clear, strong and calm. Your words about hugging people and about my hands I never forget.
And the experience in our group, to be with me by closing eyes, and to leave me by looking to other people, helps me to balance in and out, being with me and being with others.
And also it was important to see by the mask experiences, that my sad mask on the outside prevent a happy face behind, so that it would be very clear, that in my childhood I had learned to hide myself as a form of avoiding aggression from others against me. This behavior now is not more useful, so I can live my life like a king.
With very much love

Dear Sambhavo
It was beautiful workshop and I would like to attend others in the future.
Yours sincerely,

Dear Sambhavo,
This workshop was a whole experience for me – mind and body. In order to describe the body feelings and its experience I need to describe the head;
Gentle, harmonic, at piece, humorous, beautiful, sexy, compassionate, energetic, passionate, tolerant, charismatic and loving.
I came to this workshop to feel myself from the inside – to be able to feel myself breathing from the inside – to feel my being!
I want to thank you for taking me there, thank you for putting yourself out and thank you for doing it so gracefully.

Dear Sambhavo,
I enjoyed knowing you.
I have this feeling that on other times we could have been great friends.You are my kind of man; honest, sincere, truthful and a life-loving man.
That is the reason I enjoyed having this workshop with you, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Dear Sambhavo,
I'm writing to you 4 days after we finished the Loving your Self-training in the Israeli desert ashram. I want to share with you how deep and meaningful it was for me, even more than I thought it was when we just said goodbye on Saturday.

I still feel "high" and keep thinking all the time of the sessions we had and the exciting feelings that were raised inside of me.
I feel like those feelings are penetrating inside, and become more meaningful as days path through.
I think that the fact I experienced this process with my husband Shay, was very important for our relationship, very connecting, and teaches us a way of understanding-without-words and a new level of intimacy.

Sambhavo, You were so dedicated to the group, and worked with us with so much energy, love, depth and patience.
You bring among with your deep presence, so much passion, experience and support.
I hope to meet you and work with you again soon.

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4 days 1 - 4 June 2016
2016-June-01 עד