Open Ashram
Open Ashram Feb 2019
Warming the winter
Weekend 31.1-2.2 2019
We invite you to warm up your heart space this winter in the Desert Ashram as we open our gates for a light and meaningful weekend of workshops, meditations and celebrations. Participants pay the guest house rate only. Here is an opportunity to take a break from your routine lives and treat yourselves to a rejuvenating and enjoyable weekend in our home. 
So the winter has officially begun- it’s cold outside. The nights are long and the rain has already begun cleansing cleanse everything. We spend more time at home, we spend more time inside of ourselves, turning inward. This time of year invites us to do our inner work, diving deep inside and cleansing from within.  

Through our enriching variety of activities, we created a weekend that has the potential to fit everyone who holds the ashram inside of their heart. You are invited to come for experiences like deep conversations over a cup of tea with new friends, nighttime jam around the campfire, to practice our meditations where we have the opportunity to open and cleanse our hearts, to breath together in Rebirthing, to go for a walk in the desert, to dance together and even to join in our daily communal life and discover what OSHO meant when he said “work as meditation.”

The winter in the ashram is the ultimate opportunity to dive deep and to rest in the depths of our souls, to observe, to enter inward, to expand, both together and on our own. We invite you to join us for weekend that is filled with love, ashram life, family-hood and is a playful gathering of friends, new and old.


18:00 Ecstatic Dance Meditation with Sahar
20:30 Impro-Fun Theatre with Imani
22:00 Fire and Jam Session into the night

7:15 OSHO Dynamic Meditation
9:45 Laughter Yoga with Tarla
11:30 Rebirthing with Tao & Kranti Lokita (Session 1)
12:00 OSHO No Dimensions Meditation
15:00 Rebirthing with Tao & Kranti Lokita (Session 2)
15:30 OSHO Nataraj Meditation
17:30 OSHO Kundalini Meditation
19:00 Desert Ashram Singing Circle with Ori Yavor and friends
21:30 Didgeridoo Live Looping and Ashram Party

7:15 Gibberish Meditation
9:15 Join our daily communal circle
9:30 Work as Meditation along with ashram community
10:15 Wheel of Life: A Journey into the Chakra World with Kranti
12:00 Sound Healing with Ori Yavor and friends
14:00 Silent Sitting Open Space
15:00 Sharing Circle


*The schedule is flexible and there may be changes*


Cost:  we sold out! 

Camping: 420nis

Dormitory: 540nis (up to to 7 beds in a room)

The price includes 6 rich vegetarian meals, coffee and corner corner, fresh fruit 24 hours a day and the vastness of the desert.

Private rooms are available at an additional cost.

For more information and to register: 052-4483242
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Weekend 31.1-2.2 2019
2019-January-31 עד