Tantra Exploration
Tantra Exploration
Sex, Love and Devotion
4 Days, 2 - 5 April
The longing for intimacy has been distorted and repressed by societies and religions for centuries. Our sexual energy is so powerful and not only a means for creating new life; it has the potential to become a vehicle for meditation and consciousness. If used with understanding, it can help human beings to become more free and aware.
This group deals with all our dimensions around intimacy and the climate around that. It helps us to become more aware of our inhibitions, to see and accept our bodies, our sensibility and psychology, and offers an opportunity to explore ourselves in our meeting with others.
This work is oriented around learning to open up the heart and to finding trust again. There, we can meet another and freely be able to share our needs and receive and give from a healthy place.

This process is specifically supported by Sambhavo’s background and understanding around trauma work. In an atmosphere of respect and gentleness, everybody has the possibility to look at own sex life aspects and to work deeply in what stop the energy to freely flowing.
With love and presence people will work at their own pace, enter into their individual healing process.

Love is a lotus hidden in the mud. The lotus is born out of mud, but you don't condemn the lotus because it is born out of mud; you don't call the lotus muddy, you don't call the lotus dirty. Love is born out of sex, and then prayer is born out of love, and then devotion is born out of prayer. Higher and higher and higher one goes on soaring. OSHO


Early registration up to 15.3.14:
2475 nis for all days of the workshop including accomodation in a shared dormitory (up to 7 people), three vegetarian meals per day and a tea/coffee corner.
Registration cost: 2640 nis
Other room types are available for upgrade (private, twin and family rooms) contact for details.

Special discount for those who participated in Sambhavo’s past workshops in Desert Ashram!
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4 Days, 2 - 5 April
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