Alex Dawson
Sound Body Flow
Alex Dawson
Yoga Arava Weekend – Oct.31st –Nov. 2nd
Sound Body Flow is an immersive yoga experience complete with a flow yoga practice curated by Alex Dawson that aligns our body and breath to rhythms of music cadenced at a pace that regulates the heart beat.

Our practice will explore how sound vibration realigns the physical and mental body and brings us back to our essential Flow State.
It is in the Flow State that we connect to the deeper mysteries and power of the universe, allowing us to tap into the Unlimited Creative Potential both as an individual and more importantly, as a collective.
Come prepared for a vinyasa style practice, chanting & sound healing with crystal quartz alchemy bowl. Please also bring a journal. Alex will guide you in some writing exercises to illuminate your most authentic sankalpa (centering thought).
As the workshop progresses, we will apply this deeper inquiry into our physical and vibrational yoga practice. Alex invites you to join her on the mat for a transformational yoga experience and to let your voice be heard in song as she plays harmonium and leads us in a bhakti hit of chanting sure to leave you feeling high.
Props : Yoga mat, 2 blocks, cushion to sit on, and a journal & pen/pencil.

Cost -
Full Workshop + Union Event in Timna Park - Shared Practice,
Dinner and a show – 990 NIS

Accommodation Cost -
Camping (with showers and toilets): 220 NIS
Dormitory room (up to 7 people): 320 NIS
Private room (price per couple or single): 1200 NIS

For details and registration -
Order Center and Guidance: 972+52-850-2030 | 972+52-366-5935
Center Hours: Mon-Thu 9am to 9pm.
On Fridays and Holiday evenings, until 1 p.m.
Yoga Arava Weekend – Oct.31st –Nov. 2nd
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