Prem Sugandho
Prem Sugandho is a senior OSHO therapist with over 30 years of experience facilitating workshops all over the world, including Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Her educational background includes university degrees in Psychology, Sociology and Education. Additionally, she has studied and experienced many alternative methods such as meditation, Reiki, Chakra Alchemy, Neo-Reichian Pulsation (Breathing), Hypnosis, NLP, Sexual Deconditioning, Childhood Deconditioning and Primal-based work, Family constalation and many more. Sugandho has been an OSHO disciple since 1980 and combines her professional knowledge of Western ways with alternative Eastern methods. She is directing the OSHO Institute for Inner-Alchemy and Meditation, leads Chakra Alchemy workshops, and offers private sessions.

Watch Sugandho's TED Talk: Why The Mind And Heart Should Work Together?
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Prem Sugandho